What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect This Valentine’s Day, According to Astrologers

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There are a number of ways to spend Valentine's Day: alone, with a partner, with friends or family, or not acknowledging it at all. While no single way is inherently better or preferable to another, you might look to the stars for a hint at the most cosmically aligned agenda for your February 14. According to astrologers, love (and that can be any kind of love) might be in the air for all the zodiac signs this Valentine’s Day (and the days immediately following), and they have tips for how to maximize that energy.

Just after Valentine’s Day on February 15, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, unites with Neptune, which focuses on connection and illusion. This union takes place in the sign of Pisces, which centers "dreaminess and unconditional love,” says Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Living By the Moon. The effect? What she calls “a very incredible conjunction” for love.

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But we do get vegetables with that dessert, too. After the dose of dreaminess with Neptune and Venus in Pisces, we get a logical check in the form of the sun conjunct Saturn on February 16. According to astrologer and founder of content platform and event series Black Women Being, Monisha Holmes, MSW, this transit will remind us that love requires work: "Saturn has everything to do with commitment and difficult lessons, and even though people want to think of only the lightness of love, it really does take the difficult lessons and conversations to be able to develop a foundation of love," she says.

The two transits encourage all zodiac signs to give in to the breeziness of romance around Valentine's Day, but also to be sure the foundation is solid and true.

While these two conjunctions happen immediately following Valentine's Day, Gailing says the energy of each still affects us in the days surrounding, making them potent on February 14. And while they may seem to bring oppositional energy that would yield cosmic cloudiness and confusion, they actually balance each other. In effect, this encourages all zodiac signs to give in to the breeziness of romance around Valentine's Day, but also to be sure the foundation is solid and true. “This is a very interesting combination between letting ourselves be in the dreaminess of love but also be really responsible and make sure that what we see is what we’re getting,” Gailing says.

Other good news from the universe for your Valentine's Day forecast? The moon will be in Sagittarius (at least in all the time zones in North America), which Gailing says lends the holiday a vibe ripe for exploration and adventure. Plus, no planets are in retrograde at this time, so only forward momentum here.

Below, check out what the stars have in store for each sign this Valentine’s Day, according to astrologers.

What each zodiac sign can expect this Valentine's Day, according to astrologers


This Valentine's Day, Aries would benefit from spending some solo quiet time picturing how they want love to look in their life using the power of imagination. Then, they can tune in to those feelings to help "them feed that experience in their life," Gailing says.


Platonic love is a "passageway to pleasure" for Taurus, according to Gailing. This doesn't mean you need to ditch your S.O. or cancel a date that's on the books, but she suggests spending part of the day "telling your friends that you love them."


This curious sign would benefit from broadening their horizons and exploring something from another culture on Valentine’s Day.  This "could really connect them to that sense of reward, fulfillment, and love," Gailing says. Gemini loves language, so "learning how to say ‘I love you’ in a couple languages could be fun.”


Cancer has some housekeeping and breaking up to do this V-Day, according to Holmes. This doesn't necessarily need to be with a person, but perhaps with habits and routines that don't serve them in their relationships. "This is more of a call-in for Cancer to think about what they really want in a relationship, and what they need to let go of so they can actually have that," she says.


Leo, which Gailing says is "so heart-oriented," would do well this Valentine's Day to focus on precision and thought, especially in allocating their resources responsibly. Rather than doing things that might be seen as frivolous, they should focus on meaningful and personal gestures and gifts. "The gifts of the day can come by really investing your energy, time, and maybe even your money," she says. 


This typically precise and discerning sign may find themselves "flooded with feeling" this Valentine's Day, Gailing says: "It feels like it can be a very romantic day for Virgos, and yet they just need to watch their expectations. It can be a very dreamy and romantic day, but watch your rose-colored glasses." She says forgiveness and acceptance may play a key role for Virgos, too.


Holmes warns that Libras would be wise to not use work as a tool to deflect their feelings this Valentine's Day; she encourages them to "focus on their own pleasure as opposed to throwing themselves into work or other peoples' responsibilities." A staycation or vacation that's all about Libra is the answer. Being around others and socializing is a bonus, and "may become a form of relaxation that they didn't realize they needed."


Home is where the heart is for Scorpio this Valentine's Day. "There is something about being in your home or someone else’s that can offer a beautiful reward," Gailing says. Host someone, or go another person's house. She also adds that the holiday brings with it "a real creative spark" for Scorpios.


Sagittarius is prone to intellectualizing their feelings instead of addressing them, according to Holmes, so this Valentine's Day, it's time for them to take charge of their expressions and tell people what they want. Their day could involve "calling the person they like and asking them to be their Valentine, even if that is met with rejection and accepting that sometimes rejection happens," she says.


Holmes says Valentine's Day is a good  is a good time for Caps to "do the spiritual work" and gain greater clarity on what they value. "Being clear on their values…will help them be much clearer in what it is that they want from a relationship and will just generally help with their wellness," she says. She adds that because Capricorn is a Saturn-ruled sign, it can be harder for them to admit their feelings in the day-to-day, so this dedicated time is helpful.


For Aquarius, Valentine's Day brings self-awareness and confidence. "It feels like the bedrock of what can help Aquarius to flourish in this heart-centered day is to really take stock of and know who they are," Gailing says. "There is this sense of 'I've done a lot of hard work, and I've really distilled who I am and what I need, and I'm going to stand in that on this day.'"


Because Neptune is one of its planetary rulers, and Venus is happy there too, Pisces is "living the dream and really in their flow," Gailing says. “They're tuned in to that sense of their own inner ease and magic-making.” She recommends harnessing this for Valentine's Day to create a special experience for yourself or others that would "infuse us with a sense of soulfulness and spirit."

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