The Role That Each Zodiac Sign Plays at the Thanksgiving Table, According to an Astrologer

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Thanksgiving can bring together a bunch of family members or friends who might not normally hang out in close quarters—and each will come along with their own personality. Perhaps you have an especially chatty aunt, or a nostalgic second cousin, or a people-pleasing friend who's baking all the desserts (and constantly double-checking everyone's dietary restrictions). Knowing what kinds of behavioral tendencies to expect from whom can help you ensure everyone meshes well and diffuse tension should it arise. One way to do that? Look to the stars by considering the qualities of everyone's zodiac signs.

While various facets of a person's birth chart can influence their personality and how they might act or respond in any given scenario, like the Thanksgiving table, a simple way to draw some conclusions is by looking at their sun sign (or the zodiac sign for which you'd typically read a horoscope). “Our sun sign tells us how we shine. [It's] what gives us life and vitality, and it's our ego and our conscious awareness,” says astrologer Laura Chung. For that reason, looking to your own sun sign can shed light on how you'll shine at the Thanksgiving table, while learning others' sun signs can offer you the same insight into them.

Knowing the different roles of the zodiac signs at Thanksgiving (including your own), then, can help you forecast the kinds of things your relatives or friends might say or do on Turkey Day, understand how to respond in tricky situations, and figure out what kinds of activities or conversations will have everyone getting along and feeling, well, grateful to be there.

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The role of each zodiac sign at Thanksgiving, according to an astrologer

Aries: the conversation starter

Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and initiation, you tend to kick off conversations, Aries. Perhaps you're the person at Thanksgiving suggesting ice-breakers for folks who don't know each other well. Or maybe you're the one suggesting everyone go around the table and say their favorite Thanksgiving dish or what they're grateful for this year. In any case, Chung says to be careful not to dominate the conversation, launch heated debates, or consider your opinion as the only right one.

Taurus: the culinary pro

You're known for your sensuality and materiality, Taurus, including your love for luxe sensory delights, like fancy food and fine wine—both of which could make an appearance at a Thanksgiving function. You want to fully experience and immerse yourself in Thanksgiving, says Chung, which might look like taking in the scents of food and candles or admiring the fall decor.

To play to your strengths, consider complimenting aspects of the ambiance that make you happy, if you're spending Thanksgiving at a friend or family member's place.

Gemini: the social butterfly

As the most curious sign of the zodiac, you're bound to ask the kinds of questions that allow you to bond with pretty much anyone in the room, GeminiPeople gravitate toward your curiosity, says Chung, but just make sure to avoid prying. The last thing you want is to make someone uncomfortable by asking about something they'd rather not discuss.

Celebrity gossip, if you’re into it, is something that you’re safe to pull from, says Chung. But whatever topic you might bring up, just be sure you have the interest and energy to keep up with wherever the conversation may go.

Cancer: the nurturer

You're a caring water sign at heart, Cancer, so you're bound to be the person at Thanksgiving who's checking in on everyone and making sure they have everything they need, says Chung. Your sign rules over the fourth house of family and foundations, so you love to spend time at home and feel at ease playing the role of the nurturer.

In dealing with the other zodiac signs at Thanksgiving, remember to trust your intuition when deciding who could use your help, advises Chung. "Make sure you're protective of your own boundaries," she says, noting your tendency to dip into people-pleasing.

Leo: the storyteller

You may be a fixed fire sign with a reputation for claiming the center of attention, Leo, but according to Chung, you're likely to see Thanksgiving as a time to connect with others and share that stage. After all, one of your least-known traits is your deep-rooted generosity, and there's no holiday more centered on giving than Thanksgiving.

One way you might share your spirit with others is by storytelling, says Chung. You're skilled at keeping conversation rolling, so this is your time to read the room, gather the attention of the other guests, and get the laugher going.

Virgo: the volunteer

Known to be the most service-oriented of the Earth signs, you're destined to volunteer your help this Thanksgiving, Virgo. Some great ways to do this include offering to set the table, plate the food, or help clean up after dinner.

Just note your tendency to come off judgmental or get caught up in the little details, adds Chung. Remember: Everything doesn't have to be perfectly arranged on the table or run exactly according to schedule for you and your family or friends to have a lovely, memorable Thanksgiving.

Libra: the mediator

Your sign is symbolized by the scales, Libra, which reflects your affinity for justice. Playing the mediator should come naturally to you this Thanksgiving if anyone at your celebration isn't quite getting along, says Chung. You crave harmony and balance, so to keep the scales from tipping, you may try to steer the conversation toward light, surface-level topics.

At the same time, your Venusian concern with aesthetics could lead you to get overly concerned with your outward appearance, adds Chung. Remember: No one cares what you look like—they're just happy you're there.

Scorpio: the deep conversationalist

As the sign that rules over the eighth house of death, sex, and transformation, you could take things in an esoteric or intimate direction this Thanksgiving, Scorpio. Just know that the vulnerability that you tend to demand of others could require you to bare your soul in return—and break down the walls you usually keep around your private life, says Chung.

You're highly intuitive and tend to ask all the right questions, which can help you successfully dig in. But just be sure the topics you're pressing people to discuss aren't among the taboos they'd much rather avoid.

Sagittarius: the philosopher

Like Scorpio, you can really get down with a deep conversation, Sagittarius. The key difference, though, between Scorpio's role and Sagittarius's, says Chung, is that there's less personal vulnerability required when you talk to a Sagittarius.

Because you're a mutable sign, you do your best work conversationally when sticking to enlightening, upbeat topics and engaging in philosophical discussions with no real endpoint or goal. As the zodiac's archetypal adventurer, you're keen to talk to people who can teach you something new or get you to ponder a new topic.

Capricorn: the one who goes down memory lane

You may be best known as the go-getter of the zodiac (given your rulership of the 10th house of career), but you're also big on tradition, legacy, ancestors, and nostalgia, says Chung. If you're at a gathering with loved ones, you could bring up an old memory that you all share to get the conversation going, Capricorn.

That said, you also tend to carry with you a certain degree of ambitious energy, even on your off days; just be mindful of how much time you spend on your phone or talking about work to avoid inadvertently putting people off, says Chung.

Aquarius: the revolutionary

You may tend to keep an aloof air about you at Thanksgiving, Aquarius. That said, others in your sphere can usually recognize your authenticity and may be curious to entertain the forward-thinking ideas or beliefs you may hold.

Just be wary of your tendency to leave places whenever you want, says Chung; Thanksgiving is a time for conviviality, so if you're not hosting at your place, be sure to properly say goodbye to the host and other guests before departing.

Pisces: the uniter

You tend to be the most intuitive of the water signs, Pisces. You're able to read the room and prefer to bring the whole party together rather than being in a space with different groups of people scattered about. To unite everyone, Chung says you might suggest the whole group plays a game or engages in a no-judgment karaoke session pre- or post-dinner.

Since you may have strong empathetic powers, just be mindful not to soak up negative energy from other zodiac signs this Thanksgiving.

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