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The Role You Play at Your Thanksgiving Table, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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A person's astrological birth chart can help them better understand who they are and how they operate. This information, in turn, can help folks understand how they may act in certain situations. For instance, understanding the roles of the zodiac signs at Thanksgiving can better equip you to handle any number of tricky situations that may arise and also quell anxiety and stress in the process. That's because you'll have the knowledge necessary to make sure that all interactions with others go as smoothly as possible.

“Our sun signs tell us how we shine. [It's] what gives us life and vitality. It's our ego and our conscious awareness,” says astrologer Laura Chung. With that in mind, understanding how zodiac signs can shine at Thanksgiving can help you have a smoother experience at the dinner table.

Read on to find out what Chung says your role is at the Thanksgiving table, according to your zodiac sign.

Here's the role of all the zodiac signs at Thanksgiving, according to an astrologer

Aries: the conversation starter

Because Aries is ruled by Mars, which Chung says is a hot planet and represents physical energy, this sign tends to take initiative in conversations. In the context of Thanksgiving, it might feel awkward to strike up a conversation—especially if you're seeing people you haven't in a while. A simple icebreaker can do the trick here. If it's a potluck-style dinner, you might want to ask what everyone brought to get the chat going. However, Aries, be careful to not dominate the conversation, get into heated discussions, or consider your opinion as the only right one.

Taurus: the culinary pro

Ruled by Venus, Tauruses are known for sensuality as well as loving tangible objects, like food and wine—both potential staples at a Thanksgiving function. Taurus wants to fully experience Thanksgiving, says Chung, which might look like taking in the scents of food and candles or admiring the fall decor. To play to your strengths as a Taurus, you might consider complimenting aspects of the ambiance that make you happy.

Gemini: the social butterfly

As the most curious signs of the zodiac, Gemini folks are likely to ask questions that lead them to bond with pretty much anyone in the room, says Chung. People gravitate toward your curiosity, Gemini, but make sure to keep your questions as surface-level as possible (unless you know you can take it deeper). The last thing you want is to make someone uncomfortable by asking about something they'd rather not discuss. Celebrity gossip, if you’re into it, is something that you’re safe to pull from, Chung adds. (For instance, you could ask why everyone is so into Pete Davison.) Just be careful not to start conversations you know you won't have the energy to keep up.

Cancer: the nurturer

Since Cancer rules the fourth house of family, home, and foundation, these water signs are likely to be the person at the party who is checking on everyone and making sure they have everything they need, Chung says. Solar Cancers love to be home and like to make people feel comfortable, she adds, so the role of nurturer comes easy to you. In dealing with other zodiac signs at Thanksgiving, Chung advises Cancers to follow their intuition when deciding who could use their help. "Make sure you're protective of your own boundaries," adds Chung, who notes that Cancers can teeter on being too giving.

Leo: the storyteller

Though this fixed fire sign has a reputation for wanting to be the center of attention, Chung says that Leos tend to see Thanksgiving as a time to connect with others. One way that they tend to do this is by storytelling. While Leos are skilled at keeping conversation and parties going, adds Chung, they need to make sure to read the room to ensure the rest of the attendees are on the same page.

Virgo: the volunteer

Virgo is known to be a detail-oriented earth sign who loves to clean, says Chung. To impress (or at the very least not have trouble with) other zodiac signs at Thanksgiving, Virgos would be best suited for the volunteer role. You love to be of service to others, Virgo, and some great ways to do this include offering to set the table, plate the food, or help clean up after dinner. Because of Virgo's type-A personality, try to avoid coming across as judgmental, Chung adds.

Libra: the mediator

The symbol for air sign Libra is the scale, which is also a symbol of justice, so playing the mediator should come naturally. Libras crave harmony and balance, so to keep the scales from tipping, they may talk about things they enjoy. As a caveat, though, Chung reminds that Libra's affinity for aesthetics can also lead them to care too much about outward appearance. Remember, no one cares what you look like—they're just happy you're there.

Scorpio: the deep conversationalist

Mars, the planet of physical energy, rules Scorpio in the eighth house of death, sex, and transformation—all which are topics that can lead us into vulnerability. So, if you encounter a Scorpio at Thanksgiving, Chung says you may end up in an intimate conversation and leave feeling as though you bared your soul. Additionally, Scorpios are highly intuitive and tend to ask the right questions, which can help them successfully dig in. But, because Scorpio also rules taboo topics, make sure you're clear on what people actually want to talk about and what they'd rather avoid.

Sagittarius: the philosopher

Like Scorpios, people with their sun placement in Sagittarius like to have deep conversations. The key difference between Scorpio's role and Sagittarius's, says Chung, is that there's less personal vulnerability required when you talk to a Sagittarius. Because Sag is a mutable sign, they're best conversationally when sticking to enlightening, upbeat conversations about life.

Capricorn: the one who goes down memory lane

Solar Capricorns are known as the go-getters of the zodiac (because they're ruled by the 10th house of career), but they're also big on tradition, legacy, ancestors, and nostalgia, Chung says. If you're at a gathering with loved ones, you could tap into an old memory that you all share to get the conversation going. However, because of the ambitious energy that follows Capricorns, Chung suggests being mindful of how much time you spend on your phone or talking about work to avoid putting people off.

Aquarius: The revolutionary

Fixed sign Aquarius may keep a rebellious air about them at Thanksgiving. That said, others recognize your authenticity, Aquarius, allowing them to entertain the forward-thinking tendencies you have. Be wary of your tendency to leave places whenever you want, though; Thanksgiving is a time for conviviality, so make sure you properly say goodbye to your host as well as other guests before departing.

Pisces: the uniter

As a water sign, you tend to be incredibly intuitive, Pisces. You're able to read the room and love to bring the whole party together instead of seeing different groups scattered around. Chung says that to unite a group, solar Pisces can suggest a karaoke session pre- or post-dinner. But, since Pisces are empaths, they should be mindful to not soak up negative energy from other zodiac signs at Thanksgiving.

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