The One Cosmic Tip for Getting Along Better With Your Astrological Enemy

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When it comes to cosmic compatibility, astrologers love to remind folks that a person's "entire natal chart matters," not just their sun sign. But let's face it—some zodiac signs simply just don't get along. And so if you find yourself running into the same damn problem over and over again with, let's say an Aquarius, perhaps there's a good reason to explain that.

According to Alexandria Lettman, resident astrologer for The SoulUnity, many struggle with the signs that are squaring their own sign, since square aspects tend to create tense power dynamics, competitive struggles, and an overall annoyance.

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"Signs that are squaring one another tend to have a tough time with forming lasting connections. They want totally different things and will feel as though they're talking to a brick wall when trying to get along," Lettman says. "However, signs that are squared always share the same modality, and it's often these similar traits reflected in someone else that causes them to clash."

"Signs that are squaring one another tend to have a tough time with forming lasting connections. They want totally different things and will feel as though they're talking to a brick wall when trying to get along." —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

Another way to identify zodiac signs that don't get along is to consider which signs don't have compatible elements. For example, if you're a fire sign, you may not mesh with earth or water signs, and that can provide a hint of who might prove to be difficult.

And yet, we understand that people are nuanced and it's possible to get on with each other even if sun signs don't match up—yes, even you, Pisces and Gemini. Scroll down to learn about the zodiac signs that don't get along and how each mismatched pairing can ease the tension.

Below, the learn about the zodiac signs that don't get along with each other—and how to move past your differences.


Aries is tied to Mars and Cancer to the moon, which means we're dealing with a fast-moving all-physical sign and someone with deep emotional waters. As such, Aries and Cancer both share difficulty in compromising, leading to potential friction.

"Getting along can be difficult, as you are highly independent and can inadvertently offend Cancers by just being your blunt, honest, and straightforward self," says Lettman. "To get along with Cancers, slow down around them, listen more, and inspire them to be more expressive about how they feel."


"It’s Leo's passion for the spotlight and priorities that can rub you the wrong way," Lettman says. "They're not the most humble sign of the zodiac, and you pride yourself in being down to earth and self-aware."

Likewise, Taurus and Leo are intensely headstrong, stubborn, inflexible, and, well, fixed in nature, which is why you tend to butt heads. "Try to bond over your ambitious natures and commitment to accomplishing your goals with grace," says Lettman.


Free-spirited Gemini can be turned off by Virgo's criticality and hyper-awareness of details. While you love being breezy, Virgo's natural need for control and order can come into conflict with that.

"Despite these major differences, you both share a ruling sign and modality; you're ruled by Mercury and are both mutable signs," says Lettman. "This means the potential for the two of you to get along by combining intellectual forces and working together on projects is tremendous."


"Even though you're both cardinal signs, Libra's air energy tends to clash with your emotional and watery nature," Lettman says. "You're both reactive and hard to comfort after you've been hurt, which is often why your connections don't last very long."

If you're looking to find common ground, try your best to compromise and stay levelheaded when you come upon an issue. In times of rest, integrate your mutual love of the artistic, decorative, and beautiful—it might make an unexpected opportunity to bond.


Leo + Scorpio = drama. Think of it as a clash of the cosmic titans, a battle between Zeus and Hades. Both of you have a strong magnetic presence that's capable of turning heads and drawing people in.

"However, Scorpios are intensely mysterious and you never know what you're getting with them," Lettman says. "There's a lot of room for power struggles to unfold between the two of you. To get along with them, you must prove yourself to be trustworthy by being open and authentic—only then will they be able to lower their guard around you."


Virgo, your practicality and realism are what creates a massive disconnect between you and sage-like Sagittarians. If you're going to get along, you need to loosen up around them—learn to let go and have fun every once in awhile.

"Sagittarians may consider your realism and concern for preparation and consequences to be negative energy," says Lettman. "Avoid coming across as pessimistic by allowing Sagittarians to explore and mess up without judgment."


"You and Capricorn are different in almost every way," says Lettman. "You choose diplomacy while they choose authority; you seek cooperation and harmony while they are incredibly self-reliant. However, you both are very strong within your beliefs of what is 'right' and 'wrong' and are seeking respect from others."

The best way to make this pairing work is to...not pair off, TBH. Try to stick to group settings for your meetups, since you love socializing and Capricorns love to network. And do remember that Cap loves their space.


"Both you and Aquarius are independent, often dogmatic, and stuck in your ways—and yet it's these very qualities that seem to annoy you about them," says Lettman. "You have a tough time understanding each other, however, despite your differences, you may find that you and Aquarians have a lot to talk about, as you're both into deep and wise conversations."

In order for this water sign to get along with the water-bearer, try seeking common ground through your shared inquisitive and intuitive natures. If you keep your relationship on the intellectual rather than emotional side, you'll get a lot out of it.


Even though you share the ruling planet of Jupiter, you might find it tough to get on with Pisces.

"Yes, you are also expansive by nature, but your fire energy carries a grounded essence that Pisces lacks— this can definitely be frustrating," Lettman says. "To get along better, seek common ground through your spiritual, philosophical, and cultural interests, and create a balance in your energy by taking on a gentler and softer approach.


"You may think that Aries are dramatic, a bit of a hassle, and a lot to handle, but when it comes to dedication and drive, you have a lot in common," says Lettman. "When you and Aries join forces on projects or anything that requires a strong sense of leadership to get things done, nobody else stands a chance against your combined ambitious natures."

So even though there can be a big power struggle between the two signs, prioritize the amazing results you can get when you bond over a common goal. To maintain harmony, learn to share the role of the leader and be a team player.


Aquarius and Taurus are both reliable and stubborn fixed signs, and that's about where the similarities end. The common dialogue between these two is reflective of someone who keeps life at ground level and someone who is always thinking higher.

"While you're all about dedicating yourself to your friends, team, and community, Taureans are predictable and more focused on doing what's best for them," says Lettman. "When trying to get along with a Taurus, it's your inflexibility that will do the most damage to your connection. Learn to 'agree to disagree' and try not to come across as condescending."


"You're creative and slow-paced, and it can be irritating for you to try to connect with a Gemini as they're energetic and quick by nature," says Lettman. "It's difficult for you to communicate with and understand or be understood by Geminis, which is why arguments are likely to spark between the two of you."

The good news? You're ultimately both adaptable and curious mutable signs. Getting along and finding similar footing might require a lot of patience, emotional boundaries, and realistic expectations for each other.

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