Everyone Has Some Form of Money Anxiety—Here’s How To Manage Yours, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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At first blush, astrology and math couldn't seem more different; one is a spiritual discipline involving planets and energy, while the other involves calculators and high-schoolers. Ultimately, though, astrology is a numbers game. As astrologer Anthony Perrotta and math expert Vanessa Vakharia point out, it's really just geometry in disguise, with the zodiac wheel being a 360-degree circle, split into 12 pieces. Why does this matter? Well, she adds, it's often the case the anxiety about money stems from anxiety about math. And since astrology and finances have math in common, it certainly makes sense to consider zodiac signs and money in tandem.

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  • Anthony Perrotta, Anthony Perrotta is a modern astrologer with over 13 years of experience.
  • Vanessa Vakharia, Vanessa Vakharia is a math expert and CEO and founder of “The Math Guru”, a Toronto-based math and science tutoring studio.

While money is often regarded as mathematical, scaring off folks who deal with math anxiety, the way we embrace astrology is like a warm hug—and that effect can be healing for those who deal with anxiety about money.  "We brand astrology as ‘spiritual’—coded language for no math—so a lot of people who are turned off by math are drawn to astrology," says Vakharia. "It seems like it has nothing to do with math, making it more accessible."

But since astrology as a general discipline is very mathematical, it can actually help to strengthen your relationship with math, and, in turn, with your finances, too. Specific components of your astrological chart can also provide guidance for handling your finances. Your "death, sex, and taxes" eighth house, for example, speaks to your relationship to resources outside your own income, like debts, credits, inheritances, loans, and even your partner’s income. You could also use your sun or Venus sign to shine some light on your money woes.

"Venus is the financial planet, so make sure to check what sign and house your Venus is in," says Perrotta. "Your Venus sign can help you understand how to best make, spend or approach financial resources. For instance, if your Venus is in Leo, you may find that it’s easier for you to earn income through fashion, art or other creative work."

With that in mind, these "mathstrologers" unpacked what makes each star sign financially anxious. Check out their thoughts below (and make sure to check your Venus sign as well!).

Below, check out the connection between each of the zodiac signs and money anxiety— and how to manage the worry.


Aries are known to be naïve, headstrong and forceful, says Perrotta. But don’t let your tendency to act on impulse impact big financial decisions. "Your money anxiety may come after the fact; you realize that you didn’t read the fine print in a contract," says Perotta. "Take your time and mull over decisions."

Vakharia suggests you wait at least 24 hours to make major financial decisions, and don't sign any contracts without a second pair of eyes. "Ask a trusted friend to read over any financial documents for you to make sure that you don’t miss any details," she says.


Taurus is the sign of accumulation of wealth and abundance. Getting green is rarely your issue, but hoarding it might be. Perrotta suggests asking yourself: "Are you acting like Scrooge, and holding onto too much money instead of investing or sharing it?

Vakharia adds you could consider the powers of your dollar, as well, beyond sheer monetary value. "Tauruses love a luxury item, so instead of buying it from Amazon, support a local business instead and share the wealth with your community," she says.


"Geminis often have their hand in too many things, and they get anxious by the big financial picture," Perrotta says. "Find your financial focus, Gemini."

Instead of worrying about a trillion things at once, your recommendation is to simply comb through the smaller details of your financial transactions. This will give you insight into finances on a bigger level. "Go through your credit card statement every week to analyze your spending habits—and to make sure some bot isn’t buying Gucci on your card," Vakharia says.


"Cancers are very focused on the home," Perrotta says. "But you attach a lot of importance to nostalgic or sentimental items, and you may end up overspending on these things. Turn your focus to investing for the long-term, specifically property or something that will benefit your family."

That in mind, Vakharia says to have a "financial future" night with your nearest and dearest (which could be virtual). Address how you all want to live, and how you can all help each other. "This will help you see what you can do to help yourself and your loved ones in the future, and then you can shape your financial goals accordingly," she says.


Leo is generous by nature, but they don't always get back what they give. If you don't vocalize what you need in return, you might get upset and anxious. "So, speak your truth, Leo, and ask for what you need," says Perrotta. "Also, mind your budget, because you like a little luxury in life."

And while talking about money with loved ones can be challenging, you can focus on yourself as a starting point for building courage. "Journal what you want and need from your loved ones to make the relationships feel less financially one-sided," says Vakharia.


"Virgo rules details and the mundane, so you need to know what’s going on at all times," says Perrotta. "Virgos get very anxious if they don’t have a handle on the small details, and that’s where their money anxiety often stems from. Build a financial ritual into your daily or weekly routine, so you always feel informed."

Also, know that you can streamline the process. "Set up an auto deposit for a savings account so that you always know that you’re putting money aside," Vakharia says. "That will help you feel more in control without having to do much."


"Libra rules partnership, so having someone to talk through money issues with you is really important," Perrotta says. "You can get stuck in analysis paralysis, so finding someone to talk you down and help you make decisions is crucial to managing that."

And if you're the rare Libra who isn't in a romantic relationship right now, don't be afraid to outsource! "Get a financial planner, ask your friends for help, or even just watch YouTube finance videos to get informed," says Vakharia.


Scorpio rules debts, loans, and your connection to other people’s money, so they really need to understand their relationship to money as a whole. "Financial stability is part of intimacy to you," Perrotta says. "Not understanding your—or your family’s—relationship to money will make you very anxious, and make it difficult to get a handle on what’s going on beneath the surface."

Put that psychology-loving mind at work, and identify the patterns around your relationship with money. "That will likely start with your family, so sit them down and chat about it," Vakharia says. "If that’s not possible, perhaps talk to a therapist, money coach or astrologer about your first money memories."


Sagittarians are risky, optimistic, bold, and prone to throw caution to the wind financially—like, by, say, throwing all your savings into a spontaneous adventure. "Sagittarians’ anxiety stems from feeling restrained by money, like they can’t just go on a trip whenever they want because they have to 'be responsible and save,'" Perrotta says. "But once you see the big picture—that you can save money to support your spontaneous decisions—that will really help you feel better about your money."

The good news is there's a middle ground. Vakharia recommends making a monthly deposit towards a fun fund. "That way, you can avoid debt when you make a spontaneous decision to go on a trip and also see that saving is more than squirreling away cash for a down payment or retirement—it’s to help you lead your best life," she says.


Capricorn is the sign of legacy, tradition, responsibility, and not-impulse-spending-your-savings-on-a-flight-to-Bali. "You value savings more than other signs, but you also have anxiety about keeping up with the Joneses," says Perrotta. "You feel a push-pull to both save everything, but also spend on items that will show your status. Material security is a big value to you because you want to provide not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones."

So, make sure your assets are protected by planning your will. No, really. "It will help you feel better knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of, even if you’re not physically there to help," says Vakharia. "Even if you don’t have many financial assets, you can put in other material things that you love in your will and leave them to your favorite people."


Aquarius is the sign of the collective, sharing, and humanitarianism, with an analytic, scientific mind. Your mind runs wild with questions like, "Am I donating enough money? Am I looking at the full financial picture? Why do I even care about money—don’t I just want to dismantle the capitalist system?"

"You really need to connect with people to talk about finances so that you can hear multiple perspectives on taking care of yourself financially while also redistributing your wealth," says Perrotta.

Vakharia recommends finding three new online communities such as Facebook groups, and Instagram accounts every week so you can learn as much as possible about finances. "That way, you’ll be able to hear multiple perspectives on finances and feel more informed about your financial decisions," she says.


"Pisces often have boundary issues and tend to lean more towards spiritual rather than material abundance," Perrotta says. "What Pisces don’t always realize is that setting yourself up financially can actually open you up to more autonomous behavior and spiritual growth. Pisces want to leave their finances up to fate, but doing that will actually make you more anxious."

Find a nonjudgmental (super-important for sensitive Pisces) financial helper, who understands money is simply a means to an end for you. "Find a friend or a financial planner who is spiritual, but also understands finances," says Vakharia. "I promise you, they exist."

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