The Most Ideal Way To Spend New Year’s Eve, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Given that your zodiac sign can shed light on and even influence your behaviors, it makes sense that considering your cosmic placements can helpful before making plans of any kind. With New Year's Eve around the corner—a celebratory occasion marked by many different options for revelry—you may be in the market for some star-sanctioned tips. According to astrologers, the best plans for each of the zodiac signs on New Year's Eve can really run the gamut.

This year, certain planetary transits will play into how each of the zodiac signs may best celebrate on New Year's Eve. In particular, on December 31, we'll already be feeling the energy surrounding the January 2 new moon in Capricorn, says astrologer and numerologist Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad, who also goes as Esoteric Esa. “Portals for new moon cycles begin two days prior to the actual date, so there will be tons of opportunity to welcome the New Year with new manifestations,” she says.

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However, to ensure that you’re maximizing your New Year manifestation power, you also want to be extra mindful of the people with whom you are celebrating. “Make sure you're ringing in 2022 with exactly who you want and the energy you want to be around, as that will set the tone for the coming year,” Alejandrez-Prasad adds.

Keep reading to learn what Alejandrez-Prasad says is the most ideal celebration for each of the zodiac signs on New Year’s Eve.

The ideal celebration for each of the zodiac signs on New Year's Eve, according to an astrologer


According to Alejandrez-Prasad, fire sign Aries would be best served by spending NYE with their loved ones. The January 2 new moon in Capricorn activates Aries’ “fourth house of ancestry and family,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. “Visiting long lost relatives could be on the list, and making amends with bruised family relationships could be healing at this time.”

If you're an Aries who’s looking for something a little less serious and solemn in terms of how you could spend the holiday, “consider sitting around a bonfire with those you love,” suggests Alejandrez-Prasad.


Because Taurus is a sensuous sign who likes all five of their senses to be stimulated, they should plan to spend NYE either planning or going on a getaway, says Alejandrez-Prasad. Taurus can also expect to enjoy some romance on December 31. “Their fifth house of love will be yearning for attention this NYE,” she adds. (Read: If you’ve been crushing on someone, now’s your time to make a move.)


During NYE, Gemini’s sixth house of health and organization will be activated, says Alejandrez-Prasad. Since this could lead the air sign to feel a bit anxious about gathering with people amid pandemic worries, consider spending time outdoors or doing an introspective ritual. “Implement a grounding practice in order to spend this NYE in the most ideal manner,” says Alejandrez-Prasad.


In terms of how each zodiac sign should spend NYE, you might think that the happy homebody of the zodiac, Cancer, would be content staying in on New Year's Eve, but Alejandrez-Prasad suggests otherwise. “The most ideal way [to spend NYE] is for you to be around business,” she says. “Hit up that business party or go to your co-worker's NYE party. This new moon is aspecting your seventh house of business and partnerships. You could strike gold.”


Since we’ll start to feel the effects of the January 2 new moon on December 31, it might be hard for Leo to feel celebratory. That’s because the lunar event activates Leo’s eighth house of the “underworld,” which includes deceit, secrets, and shadows.

“Spending time alone, or with a select few worthy of your presence, is best,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. “Avoid large crowds, as you'll find them to be annoying during this time. You are your own best company.”


The best plan for Virgo zodiac signs on New Year's Eve might involve traveling. “2022 is a year of adventure and expansion for Virgos," Alejandrez-Prasad says. "Try celebrating in a new place. Finding yourself ringing in the New Year in a not-so-typical place is going to be serendipitous for your sign.”


“Since this NYE and Capricorn new moon are falling in your 10th house of career, you might find you have no choice but to work that day,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. If the stars are on your side and you don't need to work, “shut off the emails and [don’t] answer phone calls. This will help you set the tone to begin affirming healthy work boundaries in 2022,” Alejandrez-Prasad adds.

Libra might also consider heading out of town to somewhere with aesthetically pleasing architecture and design, says Alejandrez-Prasad. Because Venus is your planetary ruler, you love things that are easy on the eyes.


When it comes to how each of the zodiac signs celebrate on New Year's Eve, Alejandrez-Prasad says Scorpio would benefit from attending multiple functions, as they're likely to be feeling super social.

“Hop around, and don't stay in one place all NYE,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. “You will benefit from mingling and interacting with different social groups this NYE thanks to your 11th house of networking being magnified by the new moon.”


"The recent Sagittarius eclipse on December 5 did a number on Sag," says Alejandrez-Prasad. "They've been under a lot of emotional stress in some capacity, [so] this NYE, they need to let loose and come to terms with letting go." Alejandrez-Prasad suggests that Sagittarius spend the holiday releasing worries and situations that no longer serve them. "Set that intention for NYE, and welcome new beginnings in 2022," she adds.


Capricorn is likely "going to feel a huge identity shift and want to possibly 'rebrand' their life," says Alejandrez-Prasad, reminding that the January 2 new moon will occur in their home sign, "shaking up Capricorn's first house" of self and appearance.


If you spent 2021 saving up, paying off debt, or investing in assets, Aquarius, consider dedicating your New Year's Eve to celebrating those accomplishments. The new moon in Capricorn will be hitting your second house of money and personal finances, after all. The “most ideal way for spend NYE [is] being conscious of spending habits,” adds Alejandrez-Prasad. “Consider kicking off the New Year by celebrating [your] financial expansion and any success [you] had in that sector.”


“Pisces doesn't mind being reclusive because they truly value their alone time, especially since they need a lot of time to recharge from others,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. For that reason, she recommends that Pisces people spend “NYE tucked away at lake house rental.” This tracks, considering that Pisces is a water sign and being surrounded by their own element can help awaken the best and most authentic vibes for ringing in the New Year.

If isolation doesn’t seem in alignment with how you’re feeling, Alejandrez-Prasad says Pisces can also “spend time with childhood friends or close family...since NYE is aspecting their third house of early childhood.”

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