This Is How Zoe Kravitz Keeps Her Skin so Glowy While Traveling

Photo: Instagram/@zoeisabellekravitz

Travel can wear on your body in not so glamorous ways—but Zoe Kravitz has found her foolproof solution for keeping her effervescent dewy, enviable skin on full glow.

The multi-talented daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz told InStyle her must-do once she lands from any flight is to immediately make a beeline for the sauna. “Steam rooms are, like, my favorite places ever. I want to sweat it out. I have a steam room in my house because it just makes me feel so good,” Kravitz says.

Kravitz also says in her conversation with actress Marisa Tomei—who happens to be her godmother, btw—saunas are a way for her to release stagnant energy and remain grounded when she feels off-kilter physically. When she's in Los Angeles, for instance, spending hours in Korean spas is treasured self-care. Tomei agrees, while noting her newfound love of infrared saunas.

Coconut oil is another Kravitz fave for keeping her hair and skin moisturized and healthy. She considers the oil “beautiful” for the way it feels and smells. 

To invoke the lowkey spirit of Kravitz into your travel life, use sites like SpaFinder to locate  saunas close to where you’ll be staying. For the best coconut oil for your skin, seek out organic and virgin, cold-pressed versions for the least processed product.

Aren't you glad the Big Little Lies star isn't as good at keeping secrets off screen? 

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