Move Over, LBD: Activewear Is the New, Survey-Approved First-Date Uniform

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
Dressing for a first date is tough: You want to look put together, but you also want to look chill and like you haven't tried that hard, even if you did go through 32 outfit changes. (That's not just me, right?) Things only get more complicated when your date is scheduled for directly after your favorite barre class—which, obviously, you'd never miss. And lugging around a giant gym bag from dinner to drinks is less than ideal (even if the carryall is chic AF). But what if you didn't have to change clothes at all? According to research from the dating app Zoosk, wearing activewear is more than fine for your love connection—in fact it may actually be your best move.

"Male respondents were 75 percent supportive of activewear on a date while women were a bit more tepid, with 59 percent approving," Zoosk research showed.

Through a survey of more than 7,000 users and analysis of more than a million profiles, Zoosk determined that 69 percent of people were excited about the athleisure prospect. "Wearing workout clothes on a date is actually a turn-on for the majority of singles," the survey found. Male respondents were 75 percent supportive of the attire choice while women were a bit more tepid, with 59 percent approving.

But everyone (including men) loves leggings: 46 percent of men ranked the bottoms as the most attractive piece of activewear, followed by spandex (*shrugs*). Women similarly ranked yoga pants as the most attractive item, though at a much lower rate (18 percent), followed closely by basketball shorts at 17 percent.

But, to really make your profile appealing, combine your leggings-clad profile photo with mentions in your bio of guacamole and veganism—yes, really—and you may just find love after all (or at least a lunch date).

Which pair of leggings should you wear on your date? Maybe a pair from Moda Operandi's new activewear edit or a comfortable pair of high-waisted leggings.

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