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How to Wear It: The extra-low racerback tank

ALO Raya drape back racerback tank for yoga or working out
Alo Raya Drape Back Tank (Photo: Alo)

You love it, you want it, now how to wear it? For this new column, we’ll share a hot new fitness fashion piece and poll the pros—that includes you!—about how you’d wear the latest chic-and-sweaty look.

How to Wear: The Extra-Low Racerback Tank 

Alex Auder Kula Yoga Instructor
(Photo: Alex Auder)

It’s the summer of the bra-exposing racerback, like the Alo Raya Draped Back Tank, $52, and its sartorial sisters, the T-backs, Y-backs, and even I-backs. Hello, shoulders and lovely lats! But what to do about the bra?

Well+Good weighed in. Go wild-and-strappy, opt for a muted one that blends in, or do as New York yoga instructor Alex Auder playfully suggests and reach for your duct tape. Add your stylish two cents to the conversation, in the Comments section, below!

The Upside Ali Tank (Photo: Carbon38)

Go Muted Underneath

The Upside Ali Tank, $104

The bra is a really quiet part of the look, and follows the lines of the semi-sheer Upside Tank. It’s clearly providing backup not taking center stage.

“I can see how a muted, pretty bra really works for this racer-back. There’s just a little skin showing. This way, the pants are wild and the tank is more demure.” —Alexia Brue, Well+Good co-founder




The Onzie Elastic Tank is an example of the I-back style. (Photo: Carbon38)

Embrace Super Strappiness

Onzie Elastic Tank, $45

Go with a bright, strappy bra that approximates the contrasting color in the elastic back.

“I’d be reaching for something really wild with lots of cool straps to wear with this.” —Jamie McKillop, Well+Good editorial assistant

Tell us how you’d wear it in the Comments, below.