10 Comforters for a Serene and Hygge-Ready Bedroom

Photo: Urban Outfitters

To improve the quality of your zzz's, you can establish boundaries with your pup and avoid all liquids (yes, even water), but sometimes the answer to your REM-seeking prayers is way more basic: a loved-by-the-internet set of bed sheets or the type of comforter that all but whispers "stay home."

With fall here and a cozy weekend quickly approaching with each passing day, looking at these dreamy, pastel duvets will give you a serious case of hygge, which given all of the Netflix movies you have to catch up on, is all the more reason to embrace staying in.

Ready to improve your bedroom vibes?

While you're changing your duvet here's how to design a dreamy bedroom and also some inspiration for your bedroom revamp.

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