The 10-Minute Lower Body Tempo Training Workout That Will Show Leg Day Who’s Boss

This isn’t your standard New Year’s plan. No restrictive diets, no weekly weigh-ins, no “whole new you” for this new year—because, hey, you’re pretty great already. These four expert-led plans—designed to help you move your body, eat more veggies, get a better night’s sleep, or show yourself some loving care—are all about developing healthy habits that better align with your goals.

Sometimes, the hardest part of a workout is finding the time to get it done. If you've only got a few minutes to squeeze in your daily sweat session, you've come to the right place. Trainer Ashley Joi’s guided workouts for our ReNew Year Movement Program are no-nonsense, time-efficient ways to get moving. In fact, today's lower body strength workout will hit all of your leg-day essentials and get you on and off the mat in 10 minutes flat.

Since the workout is so quick, Joi's advice to slow things down might feel counterintuitive. But taking your time with each movement will guarantee that you're getting the most out of every second of it. You'll spend 1-minute intervals doing as many reps as possible of each move, for a total of 10 exercises in 10 minutes. Thanks to Joi's "quality over quantity" approach, you'll be feeling the burn right away. Now, follow along with the 10-minute lower body workout above for 10 moves that will seriously bring the heat.

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  • Ashley Joi, CPT, six-year fitness industry veteran who currently works with Centr

10-minute lower body workout

1. Squat jacks: We're starting off leg day with a cardio burst to get you nice and warm for the rest of your workout. With your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, bring your booty down for a standard squat. Then, using your arms for momentum, slice the air and jump up, landing softly, with bent knees. For a low-impact version, ditch the jump and try a regular squat or squat-pulse instead.

2. Standing knee hugs: Time for some dynamic stretching that will have tight hips and hamstrings breathing a sigh of relief. Bring one knee at a time into your chest and wrap your arms around it for a hug. To keep the move active, engage your core the entire time.

3. Glute bridge lifts: Lying flat on your back with your feet planted on the floor, press through your heels to bring your hips to the sky into bridge pose. Squeeze your glutes and make sure your head, neck, and shoulders are glued flat into the ground. Count to "one" as you lift your hips, then count to "three" as you lower them back down (remember—we're slowing things down today), and remember to fire up those glutes throughout the entire move.

4. Marching glute bridge: This move will start in the "up" position of your final glute bridge rep. Pushing through your heels, exhale as you drive one knee at a time into your chest—as if you were marching. Be sure to keep your shoulders down, core tight, and feet flexed the whole time.

5. Single leg glute bridge, right side: Get ready to work the right side of your booty. Extend your left leg straight up in the air, and push through your right heel to come up to a glute bridge on one leg. Your hips may not come up as high as they did when both feet were on the ground, and that's okay! Focus on keeping your hips square and squeezing through your right butt cheek.

6. Single leg glute bridge, left side: Next, we're doing the same thing on the other side. To modify this move slightly, bring your extended leg (your right leg, this time) closer to the floor for a little more control.

7. Half burpee: Now that we got some solid strengthening in, it’s time to spike that heart rate. Think of this move as a normal burpee without the jump. Hop into your classic high plank with your arms straight and your legs back behind you. Next, jump your feet up to meet your hands and bring your upper body up into a squat position.  As always, if you're not feeling the jump, take it out of the equation and step your feet in and out, instead.

8. Squat pulse: Your home base for this lateral sequence will be a narrow squat, with your feet directly under your shoulders, chest proud, and booty as low as you can go. Next, step one foot out into a wide squat and pulse up and down once, then step back into the narrow position. Repeat the move on the other side, switching off between left and right for the entire interval.

9. Bear taps: Heading back down to the ground, get set up in your bear plank with your shoulders stacked over your hands and your knees hovering about two inches off the ground. Tap your right leg out to the side, come back to center, and then tap your left leg out to the side.

10. Lateral lunge to squat: To finish off your 10-minute lower body workout, pop back up to your feet for your last move. Step out into a lateral lunge on your right side, keeping your right knee over your right toe and your left extended out to the side. Then, come back to your regular squat, and back out to your lateral lunge on the left. To add that extra boost of energy to finish off your workout, turn that squat into a squat jump.

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