These Are the 6 Buzziest Holiday Home Decor Trends on Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest/Sugar Cloth

Ahhhh, the holidays. 'Tis the season for sipping warm drinks, 5K-ing to see the lights in your neighborhood, and dragging out seasonally appropriate decor in the form of trees, candles, garlands, and wreaths. Soon, your home will look like nothing short of a forested oasis, and since being one with nature can bring in a sense of calm, I say bring it on.

As for the rest of the house, I turn to the digital idea factory—Pinterest!—to beg the question: "How should I decorate my home this year?" Because while, yes, there is a certain nostalgia in hanging up the same ornaments year in and year out, a little shake-up can feel fresh and revive the holiday season, if ever so slightly.

Pinterest's 2017 holi-YAY trend report board is a roundup of pin-happy, user favorites, that they suspect will be top of mind this season. Among the 750 million-plus holiday ideas saved each year, you'll find a host of DIY decor treasures, including glitter-dipped balloons, pink-plastered decor, and washi tape Christmas trees. So stock up at Michael's, pump up the holiday tunes, and prepare to get crafty with these festive DIYs.

Keep scrolling for 6 Pinterest projects made in holiday heaven.

Millenial pink table decor
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

1. Millennial pink dinner table

Millennial pink has hit your sneakers, cookware, and now—your holiday table. Go ahead and add "pink candlesticks" to your shopping list to decorate the holiday tablescape of your dreams. Science has shown that the hue dubbed "Baker Miller pink" actually has a calming effect, if you're looking for a way to keep your holiday party extra Zen.

Cinnamon stick table setting
Photo: Jillian Harris

2. Cinnamon stick table settings

Add an extra dash of spice to your holiday table with these classy settings. After dinner, save your cinnamon stick to swirl around in an energizing cup of "Rise Like a Star Tea."

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

3. Washi tape Christmas trees

Since, alas, most people cannot have a gorgeous, evergreen Christmas tree in every room of the house, this washi tape wall tree is a chic alternative to adorn your home. Light a pine-scented candle and soak in all of the holiday ambiance.

Photo: Studio DIY!

4. Bow photo booth

If you're hosting a party or two this season, a DIY photobooth might just propel you into the holiday hall of fame. This peel-and-stick holiday bow approach is a cinch to make and can definitely take your party up a notch.

Bottled Christmas Lights
Photo: eHow

5. Bottled lights

These repurposed fairy light bottles belong on your fireplace mantel all year long—but especially during the holidays. So, whether or not you have a tree, this is an easy way to dance lights into your home.

Glitter Dipped Balloons
Photo: My Sister's Suitcase

6. Glitter-dipped balloons

Rather than wait for midnight until the ball drops to signal the start of 2018, just make your own sparkly orbs to adorn your house. And before you know it, you'll be ready for next year's trends.

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