3 Ways to Get Fit Using a Dining Room Chair

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ChaiseFitnessYour dining room or desk chair may be your 2015 workout buddy.

New York City's ChaiseFitness, known for its cool workout system that uses an upgraded Pilates chair and overhead bungee system, just released ReinventYOU, an online video series that brings the toning fitness method to devotees (and newbies) outside of the studio.

"We knew we wanted to make a portable version of the workout that focused on getting those long lean muscles and helping clients maintain their Chaise body on the go," says co-owner Rachel Piskin.

And since not many people have fancy Pilates equipment in their living rooms, they adapted the exercises to work on the next best thing: an everyday chair. "We took all the principles that are the foundation of the Reinvention Method, and we really stuck with that," she says.

To start, ReinventYOU includes four 15-minute videos—ReinventARMS&ABS, ReinventCARDIO, ReinventLEGS&BUTT, and ReinventCHAIR—that can be done individually in a time crunch or to supplement other exercises (like strength training after a run) or back-to-back for a full-body 60-minute workout. They can be done in small spaces and require just a chair, a medium-weight resistance band (like this one), and a mat. Videos are free during January and will cost $8.95 each afterward (with ReinventCHAIR remaining free).

Ready to turn your chair into a fitness prop? We've got three fun, effective moves you can try at home, now. You just may need to stop buying your dining room chairs at Ikea if there's a lot of wobbling going on. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Attitude Lifts
Kneeling on top of chair, keep the back leg bent in attitude (see photo for position) and your arm bent to the side. Lift attitude leg up as you extend your arm with the resistance band extends straight out. Repeat eight times for a moderate workout, 16 for advanced. Tip: Remember to activate your abs to help you balance and keep your form.

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Oblique Planks with Push-ups
Hold onto the sides of a chair with your feet extended in plank position. Rotate your hips and lift heels into an oblique twist. Keeping your shoulders square, bend your elbows and do a push-up. Rotate back to center. Complete eight reps on each side.



Chaise Swim
Sitting on the chair with feet parallel on the floor, wrap the ends of the band around each palm twice and extend both arms forward. Hinge the upper body forward to a flat back position with your arms extended in line with your shoulders. Quickly move your straight arms in a swimming motion, one arm at a time. Complete 30 seconds of quick swims. Repeat in sets of five.



For more information, visit www.chaisefitness.com


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