Condense an Entire Core Workout Into 5 Minutes With This Sequence

This isn’t your standard New Year’s plan. No restrictive diets, no weekly weigh-ins, no “whole new you” for this new year—because, hey, you’re pretty great already. These four expert-led plans—designed to help you move your body, eat more veggies, get a better night’s sleep, or show yourself some loving care—are all about developing healthy habits that better align with your goals.

Whether you're a workout rookie or just looking to reset your routine, starting a new fitness regimen can be overwhelming. But when we work out togetherto hold each other accountable and celebrate the little winsscience has shown that we can not only stay motivated in the long run, but we can also have more fun in the moment. It's in this spirit that we're kicking off our 28-day ReNew Year Movement Program, which is complete with three time-efficient, bodyweight workouts from Ashley Joi that we'll do together each week throughout the month of January.

First up, we have a five-minute total core workout that will help you feel grounded and strong because, as Joi puts it, there is no better way to center yourself than by waking up your physical center. By taking some time (five minutes, to be exact) to work the muscles in your core, you will feel stronger and more powerful in your daily movement. Follow along with the video above, and check back tomorrow for another workout from Joi.

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Try this 5-minute core workout

1. Mountain climbers: An oldie but a goodie. Start off in plank position: shoulders stacked over hands, abs tight, and butt down. For a quick cardio burst, begin to jog your knees up toward your chest. To make this workout 100 percent low-impact, nix the jog and step your knees in slowly.

2. Alternating leg lower + hip lift: Time to test that coordination. Lay down on your back, pop both legs straight up in the air, and alternate bringing one leg down towards the ground at a time, lifting your hips when you reach the top. For some extra low back support, place your hands in a little diamond shape right under your butt.

3. Bridge to knee drive: You’ll be on your back for the rest of this workout, but don’t get too comfortable. Plant your feet flat on the floor and bring your hips up into a bridge pose. Reach your arms back behind you and draw one knee to your chest at a time as you exhale and hug it in close with your arms.

4. Knee to elbow sit-ups: This move is the perfect hybrid of a bicycle crunch and a regular sit-up. With your feet flat on the floor and knees bent, place your hands behind your head, and sit up to twist, bringing your elbow to your opposite knee.

5. Toe touch: Get ready for a toe touch—with a twist. With your back flat on the floor (be sure to keep your lower back glued to your mat), bring your legs up with your feet to the sky and crunch up to reach your toes. Alternate bringing your arms over to your left, center, and right to target your lower core and obliques.

Looking to hit refresh on your healthy habits this January? Check out our 2021 ReNew Year program for expert-led plans for better sleep, nutrition, exercise, and self-care routines. 

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