5 Movies and TV Shows on Netflix That Will Inspire Your Inner Boss Babe

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As successful CEOs (and Kristin Bell) will tell you, feeling confident is so important when you want to make moves in your career. It's not always easy to access your inner #girlboss, though. Even if you already have your dream job, you can experience confidence setbacks caused by imposter syndrome or burnout.

So how do you get your mojo back? You could learn to destress at work or channel your inner Louise Hay, or you could slip into a robe, curl up on the couch, and use your Netflix time to build up that inner strength.

There's plenty of stuff to stream that will revitalize and inspire you to get crush it in the office; here's a starter list of the shows and movies that you should add to your queue.

Have your remote ready? Here's what you should watch for major career inspiration.


1. Grace and Frankie

Ageism in the workplace is real and scary AF. But watching Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as an entrepreneurial dream team in this series will give you hope that a second act (or a side hustle) is possible as long as you believe in yourself and don't take any prejudiced malarky from anyone. Nothing can hold you back from being a boss babe, especially if you have a bestie by your side.


2. 30 Rock

This beloved Tina Fey workplace satire offers serious lessons for navigating the maze-like politics of a corporate environment. Have a domineering new boss who makes wholesale changes to your job despite your opposition? Roll with it! Have a coworker who's worried her pregnancy might hold her back in the job? Fake your own pregnancy to provide cover (on second thought, maybe just replicate the friendly spirit of this one)!

And, hey, if those solutions aren't working, try a snack that wellness execs swear by (or there's always Liz Lemon's cheese cure-all).


3. Gilmore Girls

The women of Stars Hollow know how to Get. Stuff. Done. How does a young single mom open her own inn while supporting her ambitious, whip-smart daughter? With a lot of perseverance, and a little advice from Mom, that's how.


4. Begin Again

A movie about an unemployed record executive and a newly solo folk singer who find unexpected solace in their working relationship, Begin Again's power is in its main characters' ability to inspire and propel each other forward. Even when you feel like you have nothing, someone can come along to change everything—and with some intentional acts of self-love, you can also change things for yourself.


5. Frances Ha

Living in New York can be tough—and expensive—which, as an aspiring dancer, this coming-of-age film's titular character knows only too well. After her best friend moves out of their Brooklyn apartment, Frances is financially forced to rethink her career and life. She realizes that she can get through any setback so long as she learns to recalibrate as life happens.

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