5 Cool Bike Helmets That You’ll Actually Want to Wear

(Photo: Alisa Anton via Unsplash)
May is National Bike Month—and for good reason. In many places, it brings ideal riding conditions: those 72-degree sunny days that make you completely forget that winter ever happened.

And if you're itching to get outside and start pedaling—to work or for a leisurely weekend ride—you're going to need a helmet. (Really! You need one!)

Lest it cramp your adorable bike style, we found five chic options that will keep you looking cool while also protecting your brain (sardines can't do it alone).

Smith helmet
(Photo: Smith)

Smith Axle

Smith is known for its high-quality and high-design goggles, sunglasses, and helmets, all of which can seriously keep up with your stylish, active life. The Axle ($140) is no exception, thanks to new, innovative technology that provides the highest level of impact protection—AKA it's a good pick for city bike commuters.

cool bike helmets
(Photo: Inkwell Helmets)

Inkwell Helmets Blue Sky

Don't want to look like every other cyclist out there? Inkwell is your brand, then, for bespoke, one-of-a-kind helmet designs. Think hand-painted cats, cacti, strawberries, or even tie-dye print. This Blue Sky version ($145) allows you to keep your head in the clouds...while still paying really close attention to traffic, obviously.

cool bike helmets
(Photo: Bern)

Bern Lenox

Bern is a classic company, and the Lenox ($59.99) comes with a classic, sophisticated look. Bonus: It's designed for snow sports, too, so you can use it as a ski helmet and save yourself the rental (or space to store both).

cool bike helmets
(Photo: Electra)

Electra Graphic Helmet

Nothing screams summer like, well, ice cream—and with this new, whimsical design from Electra ($79.99), you can silently declare that fact everywhere you go. (Bonus points if you wear it while biking to a nearby ice cream shop.)

cool bike helmets
(Photo: Specialized)

Specialized Women's Airnet

If you're a sportier rider, it doesn't get much better than Specialized. The Airnet ($150) comes in basic black or a pretty, understated light grey/indigo color combo and has a special feature: a special hole in the back for your ponytail, for maximum comfort.

Fun fact: A pair of white sneakers will always look good with your bike (or one of these cool new cropped leggings).

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