7 Ways to Rock Ariana Grande’s Favorite Nail Polish Color

Photo: Getty Images/Robert Kamau
There are certain non-negotiables when it comes to pop singer Ariana Grande's beauty look—there's the uber-high, sleek ponytail, a perfect cat-eye, and, well, a fierce attitude.

Besides this smattering of essentials—plus her beau Pete Davidson (with the famous BDE) by her side—she's been rocking something else on the reg: lavender nails. (You know, because everyone's got a go-to nail polish color.)

"She loves lavender, she's a big lavender fan," says her manicurist and founder of Los Angeles-based nail salon Nail Swag Natalie Minerva, as reported by Refinery 29. "We do lavender for her everyday manicures often and, for the video ["God is a Woman"], she kind of knew what she was wearing and the overall vibe, and lavender was just the direction we ended up going in."

Chances are, if you're a Grande fan, you've noticed this in the music video for her latest single—which features the musician bathing in what looks like a milky bath of all different hues of pastel purple. Clearly the girl has a fave color (and BTW, it also happens to be mine, as well) which gives a nice touch of femininity to any look.

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