*All* the ’90s Hair Trends That Made a Comeback at NYFW

Photo: Instagram/@alexanderwang
I hope you didn't throw away your childhood Caboodles box, because everything that seemed old is now new and trendy again. Like your Beanie Babies collection, it seems your middle-school hair accessories become increasingly valuable with every passing season. Last year the scrunchie made a triumphant return as an athleisure must-have thanks to some high-fashion cameos, and this just-finished New York Fashion Week saw redemption for the claw clip, zigzag headbands, and crimped hair.

Alexander Wang brought back the a chic update on the claw clip (AKA the predecessor to the messy bun) early in the week, and other looks and accessories of yesteryear that have been collecting dust since the ’90s quickly followed suit. At Prabal Gurung's runway show (which was size-inclusive, diverse, and featured Ashley Graham!), the zigzag/comblike headbands made a reappearance. Remember? Those rounds that would scratch your scalp if you weren't careful but expertly keep your hair out of your eyes for power walks or other totally '90s activities.

But Libertine's show had the most surprising comeback of all: crimped hair. In case the idea of the unnatural-looking waves sent shivers down your spine (#same), know that Libertine's show featured a slightly elevated version that was more ’90s grunge and artful messiness than it was retro triangle-y hair and burnt, unhealthy ends from practically prehistoric hot tools.

So, while vintage might be all the rage for high-fashion hair, the healthy 2018 updates are definitely preferable to the originals.

See the ’90s hair resurgence below.

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