The Buzzy Superfood You’re About to Find in All Your Skin-Boosting Products

Photo: Stocksy/Guille Faingold

Chlorophyll is the magical ingredient that can turn your water into green juice (hey, all the cool wellness girls are drinking it) and gives your spirulina its signature color. Not content with conquering your kitchen, the detoxifying superfood is now also stealing the spotlight in your #selfcare Insta stories—in the form of grassy-hued face masks released by skin-care heavy-hitters like Acure, Cocokind, and Tata Harper.

"There's good reason for it to be appearing everywhere in beauty: It has so many benefits," says natural beauty blogger Sonia Keu of the ingredient's rise in popularity as a complexion booster. "Chlorophyll promotes your blood cell production, which means it gets oxygen delivered to your cells quickly. That balances your skin."

In addition to being a major anti-inflammatory, Keu points to studies that show the plant pigment can heal wounds (talk about superhero powers). "So applied topically, it'll reduce and prevent blemishes."

"Applied topically, it'll reduce and prevent blemishes."

The deep-green power player also contains magnesium, which helps oxygenate your skin (hello, glow!) and aids in vitamin C metabolization. "It's really high in a lot of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, E, and K," says Keu. "These are all found in your leafy greens, so they serve as nutrients topically as well. They help fight free radicals, so that's reducing aging on the skin."

Oh, another reason to add chlorophyll to your top shelf this summer? Slathering on the rich green will only enhance your mermaid look.

Making space on your top shelf for the superfood? Here are six chlorophyll-infused face masks for your next green selfie.

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