4 Ingredients Vanessa Hudgens Uses in Smoothies for an Antioxidant-Packed Punch

Photo: Getty Images/E Entertainment
With cold and flu season in full swing, there's no better time to up the amount of antioxidants in your diet. Because the compounds are pros at keeping your immune system strong—as well as repairing any damage—they're adept at helping you make sure your body stays healthy and sickness-free all season long. Just ask Vanessa Hudgens, who always has four healthy, antioxidant-rich ingredients on hand for immune-boosting smoothies to make sure she's always feeling her best.

In her cover story for Women's Health, the actress made it clear that her health and well-being is her primary focus, which for her means sticking to a pescatarian diet and keeping kombucha and a container of arugula in her fridge at all times. She's also a big fan of making a daily smoothie filled with some staples that offer a serious health-boosting punch. All you need to re-create it for yourself is acai berries, blueberries, banana, and coconut oil. "I love finding things that are good for you and also taste amazing," she says. "I try to get enough healthy fats, protein, and foods that give me energy."


That's not the only way Hudgens stays healthy, though. Aside from loading up on antioxidants, she also does six workouts a week (!!!). Her sweat schedule involves a never-boring rotation of SoulCycle, ballet, Pilates, HIIT, yoga, and hikes—as well as intermittent fasting, which she picked up after seeing one of her guy friends "pull a Benjamin Button" and start essentially aging in reverse.

Basically, this chick knows what she's doing, and with secrets this easy to steal, why not give her methods a try? Fruity smoothie and all.

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