If an Acne Treatment and Concealer Had a Baby, It’d Be These 6 Zit-Zapping Formulas

Photo: Getty Images/MStudioImages
I dab my trusty concealer on my face for a number of reasons, like hiding dark circles, covering up skin redness, or blurring my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The most common reason, though? Concealer is my number one weapon for camouflaging any rogue, monster zits that sprout up on my face uninvited.

But with the rise of makeup that has skin-boosting benefits—like foundations that double as skin care or mascaras that can make your lashes grow longer—I don't want to just dab on any ol' concealer: I hereby declare that the only way to conceal a zit is to use a concealer that also fights acne. Yes, this is a real product that exists; No, it is not too good to be true.

Since one of the main reasons why people use concealer is to hide pimples, it makes sense that product formulators began spiking the stuff with antibacterial zit killers like salicylic acid or tea tree oil. "Salicylic acid breaks down dead skin cells, so it unclogs pores and helps to clear up a pimple faster," says Shirley Chi, MD, a California-based dermatologist. "So once a pimple comes up, if you put salicylic acid on it, it could make it go away a little faster."

So as you're masking your acne with creamy coverage, opt for the makeup bag essential that's going to work double duty so you can shrink your zits at the same time—rather than just sitting on top of your skin to hide what's underneath. It's concealer that's good for you, and it. Is.  Genius. Keep scrolling for the six acne-fighting concealers to add to your regimen, stat.

If you're dealing with breakouts, also swipe on one of these salicylic acid-spiked moisturizers to help calm things down. And once those zits are gone, here's how to cover acne scars with your makeup

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