Meet Active Moisturizer, Your (Multitasking) Summertime Skin-Care Friend

Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi
In beauty these days, it's do as the memes do: Your hair is 90 percent dry shampoo by Friday? Check. You brush your eyebrows but not your hair. Check. You want to put on a single product, but have it squelch breakouts and prevent flaky dryness so you get yourself a moisturizer that can do both. Check, check.

Rather than slathering on 10 layers of product every night to keep your skin feeling soft, "active" moisturizers (AKA those that don't just focus on barrier repair, but offer other benefits like brightening or acne-prevention) can sweep in and save the day. Take Tata Harper Créme Riche ($185), which incorporates 43 all-natural, active ingredients: 16 aid in moisturizing, 12 are meant to keep skin looking young, and others like complex sugar acids help to stimulate hyaluronic acid production and plump up skin.

It's basically a luxurious super smoothie for your skin, delivering all kinds of nourishment in a single gulp. "We wanted to create something that we felt was the next level of natural luxury, Tata Harper says. "This one really is a step up from the average moisturizer.” And she's not the only one psyched about the idea of an active moisturizer (especially in the summer months when multiple layers of skin care aren't necessary).

"A multi-tasking product has multiple benefits," says Danbury, CT, dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. "The lack of layering helps all actives penetrate better, it's less comedogenic, and saves time and increases compliance." Time for spring cleaning your beauty cabinet? Check.

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Try pairing the Créme Riche with Tata's extra-exfoliating cleanser (aka the lazy girl's answer to #flawless skin), and check out what she has to say about natural ingredients here

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