Aday’s New Wear-Everywhere Collection’s Taking Workleisure to the Next Level

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In the corner of the activewear market where all the cool kids of stylish, well-made, high-tech clothes hang out, you'll find Aday. Its minimalist designers Nina Faulhaber and Meg He, season after season, somehow manage to make the simplest of leggings look legitimately chic enough to wear from crunches to brunches, or a tank that almost seems too dressy to hit the barre. (It's not, though, and you totally should.)

Now, the two-year-old brand is evolving into clothes that are designed to be worn in myriad ways, for even more closet mileage. The concept for the six-piece Multiplicity collection was spurred by the design-duo’s trio of Technical Tailored pieces, which launched in February. “We wanted to take it one step further and really enter our customer’s ready-to-wear wardrobe," says Faulhaber. “Multiplicity is further delivering on our mission to simplify wardrobes and do more with less.”

"We wanted to take it one step further and really enter our customer’s ready-to-wear wardrobe."

While various labels, both in and beyond the activewear space, have rolled out transformable pieces, Aday's Multiplicity offering—which includes a wide-leg pant, boxy, cropped sweatshirt, bodysuit, jumpsuit, cropped button down and long-sleeve shirt dress, ranging in price from $110–$175—tackles the all-in-one concept with a pared-down approach. “Too often when brands dabble in multifunctionality, they utilize straps, added seams, clumsy buttons, or even hooks," Fulhaber says. "They create multifunctionality by doing more, and we create it by doing less.”

A prime example of one of the line's workhorses is the Back To Front Shirt Dress, constructed from technical silk crepe, which can be worn forward or backward as a dress or a shirt—or as a lightweight jacket. “Seriously, you could go on a five-day trip with this style only plus a variety of shoes and you’d be sorted,” Faulhaber says.

But she and He aren't just adept at whipping up multitasking clothes—they’ve both got some genius hacks for doing more with less and getting the most mileage out of everything in IRL.

Ahead, check out their brilliant tips for juggling it all at home, work, the gym, and everywhere else.

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1. Always carry a notebook

“Never hold anything in your head—it’s too much cognitive burden," He says. "Once you have a thought you want to ‘save for later,’ write it down immediately, and then delete it out of your head. Later, you can come back to it.”  

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2. Embrace this color combo

“I love the combination of navy and black, like my black textured Alexander Wang ankle boots and Aday’s dark navy Something Borrowed shirt,” He says. “You can pretty much go crazy with texture, shape, and length as long as you stick within this color palette—it’s always chic.”

Photo: Instagram/marzena.marideko

3. Maximize space at home

“I love versatile furniture,” Faulhaber says. “We have a mid-century daybed that’s used as a living room couch, and an ottoman from Article we use as coffee table—and, of course, a hammock. Everyone needs a hammock. Another versatility trick that also serves the environment is to use your freezer to compost. It's a hack I learned from our intern, Georgi.” 

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5. Travel wisely

“With travel, I think of multitasking more as: ‘How do I travel without hitches,’" He says. "Hence, winning is when I don’t get slowed down and can do what I want to do in any country." She swears by a credit card without foreign transaction fees, a multi-country SIM card for your phone, and public transport cards.  

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5. Simplify your beauty routine

“Ever since I decided to bleach, tone, and cut off my hair in my bathroom this summer, my beauty routine has been (literally!) hacked and transformed to a fraction of its length,” He says. “It's a very distinct look, and that means I have to do very little in terms of makeup each day since my ‘look’ is always present."

Photo: Instagram/@thisisaday

6. Have a go-to workout ensemble

“Our Brakes On leggings and our Don’t Stop top is the best workout uniform I’ve ever worn,” Faulhaber raves. “This combo has survived numerous days and nights from SoulCycle to The Class, from Sky Ting to Y7. I’ve worn it as base layer snowboarding in Utah and skiing in the Alps, as a wetsuit surfing in Malibu, where it’s very cold, and Maderas Village, which is very hot. I’ve taken it to Burning Man and to Daybreaker, I’ve run the Brooklyn Half in it. But I’ve also worn it building our stores and pitching to funds. Oh, and I’ve slept in it.”

Photo: Unsplash/Giulia Bertelli

7. Know your strengths and weaknesses

“Don’t try to multitask on anything that isn’t one of your core strengths; it'll make you frustrated because you’re using energy inefficiently,” He says. “Focus on multitasking on what you’re great at and get lots of help or delegate for the other pieces. I’m super focused on what work creates positive energy for me and what inspires me to do my very best work.”

Here's how the Aday duo revs up their mornings—and what it's actually like to work out in a unitard for a week.

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