Adidas Teams up With a Big-Time Partner in a Bid to Become Your New Favorite Yoga Pant Brand

Photo: Adidas x Wanderlust

Streetwear? Adidas has mastered that. Stan Smiths have dominated the game for the past two years, and buzzy collabs with it-girls like Rita Ora, Hannah Bronfman, and Karlie Kloss (not to mention, ahem, the editors at Well+Good) means that you can look cool without even stepping foot inside a studio.

But if you have reserved a mat at your fave yoga spot, there's good news: The activewear brand wants to be your bakasana and boat pose BFF too.

This week, the sports brand announced a new co-branded collection with Wanderlust—yep, that Wanderlust. And this is no casual, six-pieces-and-be-done capsule collection. The partnership actually launched last year, and the line is a multi-year partnership that launched with a whopping 42 pieces, ranging from lightweight sleeveless tanks, seamless leggings, zip-up hoodies, and—wait for it—parachute pants.

"Our goal [was] to create products that enable modern female athletes to cultivate their best selves through sport and mindful living."

Still, the collaboration doesn't mean Adidas has abandoned its core, street-smart vibe. Though the line consists of calming, neutral colors (thinks gray, cream, and black, with pops of coral), you won't see any tanks with catchy mantras or hamsa graphics.

"Our goal [was] to create products that enable modern female athletes to cultivate their best selves through sport and mindful living,” says Kate Ridley, vice president of Adidas Training, explaining the coming together of the two worlds. Mission accomplished, according to Wanderlust CEO Sean Hoess. “We combined style and functionality with the phenomenal performance technology of Adidas to create something entirely new," he adds.

Besides the line, the brands are co-creating content for Wanderlust TV, focusing on how yoga can improve performance in difference sports. (Think: at-home workouts that pair well with your yoga practice.) And you better believe they'll have a major presence at the festivals from now on.

Just don't be surprised if you see your favorite teacher wearing a track jacket paired with her leggings.

Scroll down to get a first look at the Adidas x Wanderlust collection.

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