A Chiropractor and a Sleep Doctor Explain Why an Adjustable Bed Frame Could Be for You

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Quality sleep is an elusive thing for many of us, like Mewtwo in the final level of Pokémon Snap. Over 50 million Americans struggle to get consistent sleep, which is a bit of an, ahem, nightmare situation given the importance of sleep to overall health. One thing that may help, however, is investing one of these adjustable bed frames.

Adjustable bed frames have multiple benefits. "Lifting your legs slightly can have positive effects on blood flow," says Dr. Michael Breus, Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor. And if you're a person with a uterus, an adjustable bed frame will help pull pressure off of your lower back, as the tilt in your pelvis for childbirth can be uncomfortable on a flat surface, he says. Additionally, adjustable bed frames make it easier to sleep on your back, says Vikki Peterson, DC, CCN, CFMP. "They support the natural curvature of your lower back effortlessly, with just a push of a button," she says. "Often patients sleep on their side with their knees flexed in order to gain comfort and remove stress from their lower back."

Dr. Breus adds that elevating your head can also help with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is a type of acid reflux. "By lifting the torso up, you basically pull gravity out of the equation, this will often stop the gastric acid for reflux from coming up your esophagus and into your mouth," Dr. Breus explains. That same position can also help with snoring and potentially sleep apnea, a condition where breathing repeatedly stop and starts during sleep. "In some cases, I have seen patients be able to adjust their CPAP based on the elevation (that has to be done with your doctor unless you have an auto-titrating CPAP)," he adds. If you are a senior and/or have low back or mobility issues, an adjustable bed frame can also make it easier for you to get in and out of the bed.

"I can’t think of anyone who might not be able to use an adjustable frame, since you can have it flat or in any position you want—within reason," says Dr. Breus. "Most everyone can benefit from an adjustable bed frame, though not everyone needs one," adds Dr. Petersen. "A decently firm mattress and a natural 'back sleeper' wouldn’t require one. With that said, there aren’t particularly any liabilities."

Ready to give an adjustable bed frame a try? Shop our picks below.

Purple Ascent Adjustable Bed Frame, Queen — $999.00

“I like the variation where each sleeper can adjust themselves separately. This is great for personalized comfort,” Dr. Breus says. In addition, it comes with a few nifty presets. The sitting presets spares you the agony of attempting to make a bunch of pillows stacked against a headboard comfy for reading. The anti-snore preset… well, that one is pretty self-explanatory. Other features include a USB charging port on both sides of the bed.

Allswell Adjustable Bed Frame, Queen — $995.00

This bed frame is voice command-enabled, so you can tell your bed to just be more comfortable, already—and it will actually listen. It’s also equipped with built-in USB chargers and three custom presets.

Casper Rise Max Adjustable Base, Queen — $2,195.00

This bed frame comes with a host of cool features, like a four-zone massage and underbed lighting. It also comes with a wireless remote, USB port, programmable memory buttons, and adjustable leg height. The king size is available in a split version, so you and your bed mate can adjust positions individually.

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