12 Reasons to Embrace the Chic Lunch Bag Even If You’re Not Going Back to School

Photo: Stocksy/Ivan Gener
Not since middle school has packing your lunch been so cool. But thanks to the rise of meal prepping and more interest in knowing exactly what you're putting in your body, bringing your own midday meal as an adult suddenly feels very grown up. (Plus, a $13 per day sad desk lunch adds up.)

Naturally, that's also created interest in a new category of carry-all: the chic lunch bag. It's a handy way to take your food to and fro that doesn't require you to store it next to your sweaty gym clothes. And in the long run, it's also more cost-effective (and eco-conscious!) than brown paper bagging it.

So in time for back to school season (or back to non-summer Friday season), I've searched the internet for adult-looking lunch bags (no Hello Kitty here). Among the mix are sturdier twists on classics like tin pales or waxed canvas sacks. And there are even options you could mistake for a cute purse if you didn't know better. Scroll down for a dozen lunch bags you'd be caught carrying to work.

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