I Traded My Leftover Takeout Containers for the Sports Car of Adult Lunch Boxes—and Now I No Longer Want to Steal My Kids’ Bento Boxes

If you're a parent, then you know that kids lunch boxes have come a long way from the square, clunky contraptions of (many) of our youths. In their place are compact-yet-infinitely spacious bento-box-style containers with separate compartments for any possible food and everything short of a port to charge a smart device. I pack and wash these every day for my two kids, lovingly chopping up fruit and string cheese and whatever their fickle preschool hearts desire. And then sometime around 3 p.m., I open my fridge and inhale some leftovers straight out of an old takeout carton.

In the name of self care—or, nay, self respect—it was time to divert some of that courtesy to myself. I decided that food storage was a motivating step to prioritizing lunch, and so turned to the same brand my kids have for my own adult lunch box: Bentgo. My choice was the Bentgo Salad Container—which is over 25 percent off now for a set of two through July 15—which, dare I say it, may actually be better than what the kids are packing these days.

Bentgo Salad Container - Set of Two — $22.00

Originally $30, now $22



  • Multiple compartments for toppings, dressing, greens, grains, and more
  • Built-in fork for on-the-go use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubberized seal and locking clips for no leaks


  • A bit bulky for throwing in your bag on-the-go

Let's start from the top. The lid is actually two pieces: A solid base with a built-in, attachable fork, topped with a clear cover to keep everything in place. Beneath that, you'll find a tray with four built-in compartments, three for salad toppings and a central terminal for dressing or dips with a separate, removable container (that yes, has its own lid). Finally, you reach the bottom, where you can store greens or grains. You just toss in your toppings, drizzle on the dressing, pop the lid on, and shake. Voilà: Instant restaurant-level lunch—that you just happened to pack while wearing your rattiest sleep T-shirt (if you're like me).

Now, I mostly work from home save for the odd IRL meeting or brainstorm, so my lunch box isn't going anywhere—but this is beside the point. Oftentimes, I don't eat lunch until the aforementioned 3 p.m., if I get to it at all. It's all too easy to get swept away on calls and tasks, with a lazy thought about making myself something to eat that quickly gets dogpiled on both by my lack of motivation to prepare it and the latest Slack I just received. Knowing that I have a fancy lunch box in the fridge just waiting for me (pro tip: I now habit stack packing my own meal onto my nightly ritual of packing my kids' lunches), though, changes the game entirely.

To my utter delight, I've also realized I can use my adult lunch box as general food storage, since its depth provides plenty of space for dinner leftovers—and it's not just for salad, either. Throw a sandwich in that bottom compartment, some farro, or even some greek yogurt for the ultimate yogurt bowl. You've now entered adulthood, in which food organization is a real thrill. And you now have the Cadillac of lunch boxes to prove it.




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