7 workout streaming subscriptions that cost less than $10 a month

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At this point, you could become a total recluse and still manage to have everything you need to be happy and healthy. (You know, besides a little sunshine.) Amazon has you covered with two-day shipping on anything your heart desires, there are nutritious meal kits and grocery delivery services galore, and Netflix and Hulu could keep you entertained for life. And thanks to the ever-growing number of online workout subscription services, who even needs to trek all the way to the gym?

I’ve tried nearly every gym chain and boutique fitness class imaginable, but I’ll choose workouts in my living room over pricey in-person sweat sessions any day. In the past, exercising at home meant pulling up YouTube and selecting one of the millions of videos available. But in recent years, some of the world’s most beloved studios, gyms, and trainers have created streaming services that allow you to exercise at home just as effectively as you would anywhere else. And the best part is you can do so for a fraction of the cost.

While you can get a monthly subscription for under $40, you can do even better than that. Now a handful of options won’t cost you more than $10 a month, and they’re worth every penny.

The best at-home workout programs for less than $10

1. modelFIT

Cost: $9.99/month

A celebrity favorite since it first opened its doors, modelFIT‘s low-impact cardio and sculpt classes utilize easy-to-find equipment like ankle weights and Pilates rings. If you were to go in-person (and potentially rub elbows with Taylor Swift or Karlie Kloss), a single class is $34.

2. Xtend Barre

Cost: $7.50/month

Xtend Barre is praised for helping you build a stronger, learner body in just 30 days through Pilates-based workouts. While some drop-in classes cost up to $36 each, you can get unlimited 30-minute classes—plus a meal plan—if you do the online program instead. If you sign up for the 12-month plan for $89, your cost comes down to under $7.50 a month.

3. Booya Fitness

Cost: $9.99/month

Whether you want to sweat with Shay Mitchell’s trainer, Kira Stokes, or try classes from Core Pilates NYC, David Barton Gym, or Flex Studios from the comfort of your own home, Booya Fitness offers all of the above—and much, much more.

4. Crunch Live

Cost: $9.99/month

Don’t have a gym you love nearby? Or—let’s be honest—feel like leaving your home to drag yourself off to the gym in the first place? Crunch now offers the online streaming service Crunch Live, which gives you access to more than 85 online workouts, ranging from Pilates to bootcamp. You’ll feel like you’re in class without actually having to be in class.

5. Sweat

Cost: $9.99/month

Kayla Itsines has expanded her world far beyond BBG. With the Sweat app, you have more workout options from other trainers as well, whether you want to do Kelsey Wells’ at-home strength-training program that utilizes dumbbells and resistance bands, Sjana Elise Earp’s yoga flows, or more. The app is regularly $19.99/month, but the annual subscription cuts the cost in half.

6. FitFusion

Cost: $9.99/month

When you sign up for Jillian Michaels’ streaming service FitFusion, you’ll get more than sweat-inducing workouts. You also get to work out with other top trainers, including Cassey Ho of Blogilates, Billy Banks of Tae Bo fame, and Kate Moss’ go-to yoga instructor, Nadia Narain. You’ll be able to stream hundreds of workouts in every fitness category, from barre to boxing to HIIT.

7. Tone It Up

Cost: $6.99/month

Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up have created the ultimate pastel-colored fitness universe for women. You can use their online streaming service to access hundreds of workouts no matter what level you’re at. While it’s $12.99 on a month-to-month basis, a yearly subscription brings the cost way down.

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