12 Pieces of Beautiful, Sterling Silver Jewelry You Can Score for Under $100

Photo: Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova
Sometimes it feels like there's no middle ground between paying a handful of dollars on costume jewelry or forking over hundreds for fine jewelry. The former used to exclusively be my accessories MO, but as I (very belatedly) embrace adulting, I'm realizing that there is something to be gained from spending a little more money for a piece of sterling silver jewelry that won't break or rub its color off the second time you wear it.

And it turns out that with a little bit of time and patience, you can find some very chic, solid silver jewelry in the double digits. Plus, switching to affordable luxe jewelry is a natural progression of stepping away from fast fashion—replacing items that, while uber affordable, are doing harm to the planet, with ones that will hopefully be in your jewelry arsenal for years to come.

Furthermore, I've come to learn there are several reasons, beyond durability, that you may want to spend the extra little cash on sterling silver jewelry. Silver is hypoallergenic, which means no mystery ear rashes, and in my very humble opinion, the material and shade, relative to gold, is much more aesthetically versatile.

Before you head into your workout, these are the pieces you should leave in your bag and this is how to clean your jewelry.

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