Make Nearly Any Recipe Work for Your Air Fryer With This Handy Converter

Photo: Getty Images/Hero Images
When it comes to the air fryer, people have feelings. It isn't just a casual tool, like the toaster oven or rice cooker, that healthy eaters turn to from time to time. Air fryer obsession is real. (And you thought Instant Pot love was intense.) You think this baby is just for making healthier versions of chips and fries? Oh no, that's just the gateway. Once home chefs experience the magic of the air fryer, they start wondering what else they can use it for. The answer? Pretty much everything.

One Reddit user recently shared a handy website that converts almost any recipe into an air fryer-friendly one. (It's aptly called Bless the tech wizard who made this ridiculously easy-to-use converter. All you do is slide the conventional oven temperature widget to the oven temp the recipe instructs, and enter the baking time. Then, the convertor automatically calculates how this correlates to the air fryer. That's it!

Want to "fry" up some tofu? Salmon? Donuts? As long as you have some sort of recipe you're working off of, using this converter will ensure it turns out perfectly. Besides, turning on the stove and heating up the kitchen in August? Yeah, no thanks.

As if the tool weren't helpful enough, it also includes a chart of the most common veggies, proteins, and frozen foods, indicating the time and temperature it takes for the air fryer to work its magic. Is this bookmark-worthy or what?

Here are seven air fryer recipes you don't even need the converter for. And you know about the Instant Pot Air Fryer hybrid, right?

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