Alicia Keys Uses These 2 Hydrating Products Every Day

We all want a healthy complexion—ideally one that's fresh, radiant, and looks good with or without any makeup. And this, of course, is something that Alicia Keys is praised for. Her love of skin health and natural beauty has been a big focus over the years (remember when she quit wearing makeup?), and stands as the central focus of her skin-care brand, Keys Soulcare.

First launched in 2020, Keys Soulcare offers a wide range of beauty goodies that use gentle ingredients to revitalize your skin from head to toe. It's got everything you need to create a whole beauty routine, including a cleanser, body oil, and exfoliator. Recently, the singer unveiled two new additions to her skin-care collection, an eye cream and a facial serum, both of which are designed to brighten and hydrate your complexion.

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The Radiant Eye Cream ($25) helps refresh and moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes. It's packed with a slew of nourishing ingredients—including peptides, sunflower seed oil, and gold oil—and is great for hydrating skin and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Keys, it's worth noting, calls the product a "must-have" that she uses on her own under-eye area every day and night.

The Promise Serum ($25) (which Keys also uses on the daily) is equally stacked thanks to the addition of niacinamide, a form of vitamin B that reduces inflammation and brightens the skin, and zinc, a nutrient that helps control excess oil.  "The formula moisturizing and calming while also toning and balancing the skin," says Renée Snyder, MD, the board-certified dermatologist who developed the skin-care line with Keys.

Over the course of three weeks, I put the products to the test on my own complexion. Keep reading for my honest thoughts.

Radiant Eye Cream With Peptides — $28.00

I used the eye cream in the corners of my eyes, and found that it added some much-needed moisture into the area. It’s lightweight and has a whipped, cloud-like consistency, which makes it easy to apply. It’s fragrance-free, which means I didn’t have to worry about irritation, and doesn’t leave behind any greasy or goopy residue. I can’t speak to its effect on smoothing fine lines, since it’s not something I struggle with (yet), but the fact that the formula contains peptides—which stimulate collagen and help to maintain skin elasticity—means that it may help me avoid them in the future.

Promise Serum With Niacinamide — $25.00

Like the eye cream, the serum really lives up to its hydrating claims. I have dry, acne-prone skin, and could definitely feel the difference in my skin’s moisture levels immediately after application. My skin felt softer and more supple, but not oily, which is a definite plus for my particular skin type. While I didn’t see any noticeable changes in my skin’s brightness or tone, with more time I expect the niacinamide to work additional magic on these fronts.

All in all, the brand's approach to skin care starts with self care, both physically and spiritually.  On each bottle, there's a positive affirmation that's meant to encourage and inspire you, and as it reads on its website, "Soulcare goes beyond skincare to truly care for the whole self—body, mind, and spirit." So for those looking for looking to introduce some much-needed moisture and refreshment into their beauty regimen, then these products may just be for you.

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