Alicia Silverstone Shares the 1 Wellness Practice She Can’t Go a Day Without

Watch the video to learn Alicia Silverstone's favorite wellness practices.

It goes without saying that Cher Horowitz, the fictional protagonist in the iconic ‘90s hit Clueless, loves a good fashion trend. Between her yellow-plaid suit set and her cherry red mini-dress (“an Alaia!”), it's clear that Alicia Silverstone’s character was a total style trailblazer. But what about wellness? Would Cher be equally keen on trailblazing in the health and wellness spheres as well? In the latest episode of The Avocado Show, Well+Good’s YouTube series where celebs sit down to chat over avocado dishes, Silverstone shares her take on Cher being vegan.

“I think if you get Cher before she starts listening to Josh, she would be vegan because it’s trendy and very hip and very cool. But I think that she would also be vegan post-Josh for the right reasons whichnot that those are bad reasonsbut for the reason that it’s better for the planet, better for all the people who can’t eat because they’re not distributing food properly,” she says.

“Definitely my plant-based diet—it changed my life. My motto is ‘greens, grains, beans,’ and I’m good." —Alicia Silverstone

While we can really only speculate about how Cher would and wouldn't interact with what's going on in wellness world of today, Silverstone personally swears by a number of healthy habits in her daily life. But, she was able to pinpoint the single wellness practice she can’t go a day without.

“Definitely my plant-based diet—it changed my life,” says Silverstone. And for her, it really is a lifestyle, not a fad; she's been following a vegan nutrition plan for more than 20 years, and her 2011 book, The Kind Diet, outlines the benefits of going vegan for the body and environment. Now, she actively shares more vegan lifestyle tips, recipes and product recommendations on her website, The Kind Life. As for her favorite vegan staples? She lives by good practical advice: “My motto is ‘greens, grains, beans,’ and I’m good.” All delicious ingredients to add to your grocery list.

Plant-based tips aside, Silverstone also share her favorite books, wellness destinations, and relaxation tips. To get those, watch the full video here.

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