Allbirds Just Launched Its Clothing Line With Fabric Made From Discarded Crab Shells

Photo: Allbirds; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
Anyone who's ever run their fingers across a pair of Allbirds wool sneakers has probably wished they could wrap themselves in a sweater made of the same material. And now you can. On Tuesday, the fan-favorite footwear brand announced a line of apparel that includes a cozy jumper, cardigan, T-shirt, and puffer—all made from Allbirds signature sustainable materials.

Allbirds launched in 2016 with a sneaker made from ZQ Wool, an ethical material farmed in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and South America. With the launch of its clothing collection, Allbirds moves beyond just sneakers and ZQ by with another sustainable material: "XO™, a naturally derived fiber made from discarded shells from marine life, [is] the second most abundant biopolymer on Earth," writes Allbirds in a press release. "The chitosan from these shells has unique capabilities, allowing your clothes to stay fresh longer without relying on extractive materials like Zinc or Silver."

A biopolymer is a cell produced from a living organism. And "chitin"—the type of polymer produced by marine life in the form of shells—is biodegradable, biocompatible, non-toxic, and anti-microbial. Meaning, clothing made primarily from Allbird's XO fabric won't stink while you wear it and won't demand quite as much from the environment as your average tee when you do finally retire a garment. And hey, it is kind of a flex to say that your outfit hails from the sea, no?

Shop the new line of Allbirds Apparel

1. Women's Wool Cardi, $145

All Photos: Allbirds

Allbirds Wool Cardi calls upon the brand's signature ZQ wool in charcoal, white, and a zany blend of yellow and purple for those who like to wear a pop of color in the darker months.

Shop now: Women's Wool Cardi, $145

2. Women's TrinoXO™ Tee, $48

This T-shirt comes in every hue a five-year-old with crayons could dream of. Forest, orchard, and sun gold include some of the more vibrant shades you can pick up in this boxy tee.

Shop now: Women's TrinoXO™ Tee, $48

3. Women's Wool Jumper, $135

I feel pretty fancy (and English) calling a sweater a jumper, but in this case, the more proper name seems fitting for the delicate details in the sleeves and neck. Like the cardigan, it's made from 100 percent ZQ wool fit for tackling the chilly, snowy days ahead.

Shop now: Women's Wool Jumper, $135

4. Women's Trino™ Puffer, $250

This lightweight puffer won't drag you down. Made with a fluorine-free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) shell, this outerwear piece will repel frigid rain from harshing your good mood.

Shop now: Women's Trino™ Puffer, $250

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