This Reversible Pillow Is Actually What Dreams Are Made of, Especially if You’re a Fussy Sleeper

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Fussy sleepers know the right bedtime accessories can be the difference between a dreamy night's sleep and, well, a nightmare.

Sheets, blankets, lighting, white noise—all of these can make or break the quality of our sleep, and pillows are no exception. If they're too soft, you're left to plump them over and over again until they manage to temporarily hold some kind of shape. Too hot, and next thing you know you're doing the dreaded flip to desperately find the cool side. Too stiff, and you might as well skip a pillow all together.

Fussy sleepers, rejoice, because we've found a pillow you'll actually want to flip. In the words of Hilary Duff circa 2003, the Allswell Reversible Pillow ($48) is what dreams are made of, packing both down and memory foam into one single pillow, so you can customize your sleep to your liking. It's all flip, no flop.

Allswell, Reversible Pillow — $48.00

One side of this pillow features a down-alternative, while the other is made with a cool-to-touch memory foam. It’s dreamy, no matter which way you flip.

Made by home goods brand Allswell, the reversible pillow lives up to its name for its versatility. One side is filled with a soft down-alternative, so if you're craving a plush plunge into a warm and cozy slumber, this is the side for you. Need something with a little more structure? Flip the pillow over to its memory foam side for a more supportive snooze. Yep, it's that easy—there's no crowding the bed with extraneous pillows, or hunting for cushions in the middle of the night—this 2-in-1 option is comfortable when and where you need it to be.

Sleep hygiene aside, it's a real game-changer for people who sleep in multiple positions or who move around a lot in the middle of the night. I'm one of those "starfish" sleepers, aka, I like to spread out and roll around in a lot of different positions. This pillow is perfect for that—when I sleep on my belly and need something with a little more give to stuff my face into, the down-alternative side is just right. On the "flip side" (lol), the memory foam comes in handy when I roll onto my back and need some neck support. In between it all when I'm on my side, I can experiment with different sides to figure out which feels best and adjust accordingly.

Other happy customers love its versatility, too. "I find it to be the perfect balance of comfort and support and for the first time in months I am actually sleeping soundly up to my alarm!" wrote one reviewer on Allswell's site. "I am both a back and side sleeper and find it equally comfortable in either position."

Another praised it for its temperature-regulating powers, ideal for sleepers who fluctuate between hot and cold in the middle of the night: "Can’t believe how much I love this pillow... I get warm I turn to the cool side and can always switch back to the regular side when I want. Lets me have a great night’s sleep," they wrote.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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