Exclusive: Alo Yoga Is Debuting a Cali-Cool, High-Vibe Haven in NYC

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Two years after opening its first brick-and-mortar flagship store in Beverly Hills, CA, Alo Yoga—known for its Instagrammable and handstand-able activewear (thanks to the jet-setting crew of influencers who model their clothes around the world)—is growing its East Coast presence with an IRL location in New York City. On June 8, the buzzy brand opens its Soho doors to New York yogis. Come for the chic, performance-driven pieces; stay for mindful activations (think yoga classes, meditation, matcha, and kombucha on tap) and community-driven classes and workshops.

While the Spring Street store is the first to call NYC home, Alo will also open a second Fifth Avenue location in late 2018 or early 2019. "New York is the big stage, so we’re really excited about that—to broaden the message of yoga, this lifestyle, who Alo is, and what we’re all about," the company's CEO, Danny Harris, said in an exclusive interview with Well+Good.

At 15,000 square feet, Alo's Soho location has nearly triple the square footage of its Santa Monica store.

The brand gained its initial momentum as a social media darling, but Alo's CEO says that he and his co-founder, Marco DeGeorge, are all about IRL right now—specifically, tangible locations where asana lovers can gather.

alo yoga store opening new york city

And if you're going to do that in NYC, you pretty much need to go big. At 15,000 square feet, Alo's Soho location has nearly triple the square footage of its Santa Monica store—and the Alo team intentionally designed it to house high-vibe communal experiences. "Even though it has our thumbprint, if you will, of the Los Angeles stores, we’re [opening the New York stores] understanding that the way people live here is a little different than Los Angeles," explains Harris.

So rejoice, NYC warriors: Soho now has a new one-stop shop for gearing up, flowing hard, and sipping post-savasana organic coffee in the company of other yogis.

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