This Just in: Your Favorite Summer Skin Savior Is the Key to Treating Dry Hair, Too

Photo: Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova
Whenever the skin on my face is red and angry, I slap on an aloe vera mask to calm it the F down. It's the same remedy I turn to when my diligence in applying (and reapplying) my SPF slips and I get a sunburn (aloe vera mists FTW). So basically, aloe vera is your skin's soothing, nurturing best friend—the grandmother to your piggy bank, so to speak. And I didn't realize this, but it works that same healing, moisturizing magic on your hair, too.... something my strands could definitely use in the midst of all this heat and sun and ocean, etc etc.

The secret was revealed to me by my colorist, Marta Baran,  yesterday at Whiteroom, a (super chic) salon in Brooklyn. She mentioned it casually—but once she said it, I felt like I had stumbled upon a golden ticket of beauty knowledge... especially considering the state that my hair's going to be come Labor Day (not to mention post-coloring it). "Aloe vera is the gold standard for moisture and healing for sunburnt skin, so it makes sense that the same be said for your hair," says Bartan. "A product that contains aloe has the ability to rehydrate hair without the added weight you would get from an oil, which makes it perfect for clients with finer hair." (AKA me.)

Her absolute must-have aloe vera hair product? Christophe Robin's Hydrating Leave-in Mist with Aloe Vera ($39), because "it's perfect before a blow-dry, for air drying, or for an extra dose of hydration at the beach," says Baran. You'll get the same moisturizing, healing effect in other products, too, whether it's a shampoo, conditioner, or mist. So let your strands sip on some aloe vera extract to really quench that thirst.

Oh, and this is how to get rid of build-up on your scalp so that your hair's as healthy as it can be. And here's how to protect your hair from the sun... because UV damage isn't just a threat to your skin. 

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