5 Alt-Hummus Recipes Loaded With Fiber and Protein To Get You Through the Looming Global Chickpea Shortage

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There are a few things that always have a designated VIP spot reserved in my refrigerator. For starters, there always has to be some kind of alt-milk for smoothies, a carton of eggs for breakfast, and a giant bottle of Sriracha (for, well, frankly everything). But aside from these staple ingredients, you can always find a big ol’ Costco-sized tub of hummus for my everyday noshing needs.

This simple go-to snack is so much more than just a crowd-pleasing dip; it’s loaded with tons of nutritional benefits like loads of fiber and protein thanks to its star ingredient, chickpeas. However, according to a recent Reuters article, one of our all-time favorite snacks might be at risk due to “weather and war,” which have caused the perfect storm (no pun intended) that's on track to potentially impact supplies in the coming months in a major way.

Before you run to the supermarket to snag every last container of your favorite hummus on the shelves, we’ve gathered a few alternative hummus recipes for dips that will satisfy all of your snacking cravings sans chickpeas, one protein-packed and fiber-filled ingredient at a time. Trust: They’re just as good, if not better than, the original version.

What has caused the dwindling supply of chickpeas?

Between the United States—the number four global exporter of chickpeas—planting less of the crop due to poor weather and the trade impacts caused by the Russian-Ukraine war (both countries are also major exporters of chickpeas), the global supply chain of chickpeas has suffered, and it's predicted that this will continue. According to Reuters, the global supply of chickpeas could fall as much as 20 percent this year, driving up food prices and limiting the number of chickpeas and chickpea-derived products available in stores.

“Ukraine could not seed its total chickpea crop due to the war, removing 50,000 tonnes normally bound for Europe,” Navneet Singh Chhabra, the director of Shree Sheela International, a global chickpea trader and brokerage firm, told Reuters. Meanwhile, sanctions aimed at cutting Russia's access to the global financial system have also hampered purchases of its agricultural products, Chhabra said.

Beans to use in alternative hummus recipes

By now, we know by now that chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are basically a nutritional goldmine. This legume is packed with about seven grams of protein and over six grams of fiber per 100-gram serving, to be exact. But are there other comparable beans that stack up against this mighty ingredient that can provide a top-quality snacking solution while chickpea supplies continue to fall? The answer is 100 percent yes.

Indeed, chickpeas are definitely not the only super source of nutrients in the pulse fam: Pretty much all pulses are a packed with nutritional benefits, from antioxidants and fiber to protein, vitamins, and minerals. Black beans, white beans, navy beans, lentils, and the like have just as much (if not, in certain cases, more) protein, nutrients, and so on as the humble chickpea. After all, eating any form of beans regularly has been shown to help boost your longevity.

5 alt-hummus recipes to eat amid the global chickpea shortage

hummus recipes
Photo: Minimalist Baker

1. White Bean Pumpkin Hummus

With fall just around the corner, ‘tis the season to start using vitamin-and-potassium-packed pumpkin in every single recipe. This delicious pumpkin hummus recipe by Minimalist Baker features white beans in place of chickpeas. One cup of white beans packs a whopping 16 grams of protein (you want to get 75 grams a day) and almost 10 grams of fiber (a good daily goal to aim for is between 25 and 28 grams). Chickpea, who?

Get the recipe: White Bean Pumpkin Hummus

hummus recipes
Photo: Minimalist Baker

2. Lemon and Herb White Bean Dip

Now, if you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, this eight-ingredient lemon and herb white bean dip recipe by Minimalist Baker will hit the spot. It features ingredients like bright and pungent dill, zesty lemon, and four entire cloves of garlic filled with tons of health benefits that make the stinky breath completely worth it.

Get the recipe: Lemon and Herb White Bean Dip

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3. Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

If this crispy roasted cauliflower hummus recipe by Half Baked Harvest doesn’t make you start drooling instantly upon first glance, I don’t know what will. Instead of chickpeas, this alt-hummus recipe is made with nutrient-dense roasted cauliflower florets and is topped with a homemade chili herb infused with ingredients like chili flakes, paprika, and fresh herbs.

Get the recipe: Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

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Photo: Half Baked Harvest

4. Cheesy Margherita Pizza Hummus

Okay, okay. Hear us out. This certainly isn’t your normal hummus recipe; it’s actually better. This cheesy Margherita pizza hummus recipe by Half Baked Harvest is the mashup we didn’t know we all needed. Like in the case of Beyoncé’s Break My Soul (The Queens Remix) featuring Madonna, this recipe is a testament to power-duo combos (like pizza and hummus) that just make sense. The recipe features lycopene-rich tomatoes cooked to perfection plus fresh basil, dried oregano, loads of cheese, and cannellini beans for that perfect Margherita pizza effect.

Get the recipe: Cheesy Margherita Pizza Hummus with Grilled Pesto Pizza Bread

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5. Ginger Wasabi Edamame Hummus

Although we love all original hummus recipes, this ginger wasabi edamame version by Gimme Some Oven proves that the options are endless for this dip. This simple six-ingredient recipe calls for edamame that's loaded with fiber, protein, and all *nine* essential amino acids. Way to overachieve, soybeans!

Get the recipe: Ginger Wasabi Edamame Hummus

This no-chickpea hummus recipe might be unbeetable:

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