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The Totally-Worth-the-Hype Always Pan Is on Mega Sale Right Now for Labor Day Weekend

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Many of the headlines you've seen about the Always Pan likely veer into hyperbole, but there's good reason why cookware brand Our Place has stolen our hearts (and our kitchen real estate): The Always Pan is a multifunctional, multitasking pan that allows you to fry, sauté, steam, braise, boil, and sear—and it doesn't hurt that it looks mighty pretty on your stove. It serves so many purposes, that many Always Pan customers say they've not only been able to cut back on dishes, but on cookware clutter in general.

And now's the perfect opportunity to scoop up one without breaking the bank.  For those looking to try one out, you can take home the pan for nearly $40 off now through September 6. Plus, score extra savings on the brand's dinnerware, new Mini Always Pan ($86), and much more during their Goodbye Summer Sale.

Always Pan
Our Place Always Pan — $110.00

Originally $145, now $108

The Always Pan is available in 11 dreamy colors.

So, what makes the Always Pan so special? Well, lots of things—we promise it's not just social media candy. The do-it-all pan is made with a high-quality nonstick ceramic coating free from PFOAs, PTFEs, PFAs, lead, cadmium, and other potentially toxic materials. It features a stainless steel steamer basket (so you can grill your chicken and simultaneously steam veggies) and a modular lid that releases steam and locks so that it doesn't escape. Subtle but helpful details we love include a nesting beechwood spatula that you can place in the designated spoon rest (built into the pan), and pour spouts to mitigate mess.

Plus, the pan is engineered with an aluminum body, which conducts heat incredibly evenly and quickly. The only downside to the Always Pan is that it's not oven-friendly (it can't handle that much heat). Make sure to hand-wash to maintain its condition.

We truly wouldn't be promoting the pan if we didn't believe in it. Well+Good editorial projects associate, Saanya Ali points out, "Yes, the pan took over Instagram, but it also stole my heart—no, I'm not exaggerating. From steaming to frying, boiling to sautéing, the Always Pan is simply more reliable than my boyfriend (that I hope to one day have). It's aesthetically pleasing enough to leave out on my stove as a piece of kitchen decor, versatile beyond belief, and so easy to clean."

What more can I say? Get the pan.

Also, check out more items from the sale below.

Mini Always Pan — $84.00

Originally $115, now $86

Anything the Always Pan can do, this one can do just as fabulously, and without taking up a ton of space in your kitchen. From preparing your favorite protein dish to steaming veggies, you can use it to whip up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, its smaller size means you can take it with you just about anywhere if you really want.

Perfect Pot — $123.00

Originally $165, now $123

Always Pan, but make it Dutch oven style. The Perfect Pot is just 4.5 pounds but’s deep enough to hold 5.5 quarts of whatever deliciousness you can serve up. It can be used to roast, bake, boil, and heat your food to a crisp. Also, each pot comes with a steaming rack, a built-in strainer and a pour spout for easy serving.

Cast Iron Always Pan — $116.00

Originally $155, now $116

Available in six colors, the Cast Iron Always Pan really makes meal prepping and browning your favorite foods a breeze. The black enameled coating is super durable and doesn’t even need any seasoning to get into action.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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