This Amaro and Cream Cocktail With Baileys-Infused Whipped Cream Is Equal Parts Sweet and Sophisticated

Relatable dilemma: You just polished off a delicious dinner and are too full for dessert, but you still want to end the night with something sweet. You can't tell me you haven't been there, right? It's a situation that calls for a carefully crafted nightcap; something to sip and savor slowly while still hitting the spot.

In the latest episode of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, baker and nutrition coach Sashah Handal shows how to shake up a spin on the classic amaro cream cocktail, which she names a Bitter Bailey—perfect for times just like this. The not-so-secret ingredient is Baileys Deliciously Light, which is used in both the cocktail itself and also infused in a whipped cream topping.

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Handal shows how to make the infused whipped cream first using heavy cream, confectioners' sugar, cream of tartar, vanilla, and the Baileys Deliciously Light. "Whipped cream is very basic as long as you have an eclectic mixer," she says. Pro tip: Chill your metal mixing bowl and beater for 10 minutes before getting started to keep the cream cold as it whips. In the video, Handal shows the exact order everything should be added to the bowl and whipped together to make perfect cloud-like whipped cream.

Once the whipped cream is chilling in the fridge, it's time to focus on the cocktail. "We're going to start with equal parts Baileys Deliciously Light Irish cream and amaro," Handal says, as she pours an ounce of each into a shaker. Next comes the whiskey. "We're only going to do half an ounce of whiskey because we don't want it to mask the delicate flavor of your creamy Baileys," Handal says. Once everything is secured in the shaker, the fun part begins: shaking it all up. Handal says that the longer you shake it, the more frothy your cocktail will be.

Pour your upgraded amaro and cream cocktail in a glass, top it off with a heaping scoop of the whipped cream, and your cocktail is ready to be enjoyed. "The amaro is just bitter enough to allow the whipped cream to really bring the sweetness out of the Baileys Deliciously Light," Handal says. Ready to give it a try? Watch the episode to see how to make it and get the recipe below.

Bitter Baileys with whipped cream recipe

For the cocktail:
1 ounce amaro
1 ounce Baileys Deliciously Light
0.5 ounce chilled whiskey
5 ice cubes

For the whipped cream:
2 cups heavy cream
1/3 cup confectioners' sugar
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 ounce Baileys Deliciously Light
1 Tbsp vanilla

1. First, make the whipped cream. Using an electric mixer and whisk attachment, whip cream, sugar, and cream of tartar on high until it almost doubles in volume.

2. Add in the Baileys Deliciously Light and vanilla and continue to whip on high until stiff peaks form and texture changes from liquid to solid.

3. Whipping time should take less than four minutes, any longer and you run the risk of turning it into Baileys Deliciously Light butter. Store in fridge, but no longer than three days.

4. Now, make the cocktail. Pour the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake for 35 seconds.

5. Serve over ice and top with the whipped cream.

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