Amazon’s Early Holiday Beauty Sale Just Started—And You Don’t Want To Miss It

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Ready or not: Holiday shopping season has officially started. Amazon has already kicked off its winter deals by dropping new discounts on luxury beauty every single day this month. The event has been dubbed the "Holiday Beauty Haul", and from now until the holidays, Amazon will be adding deals across all categories, including hair care, makeup, skin care, nails, tools, and more. (So yeah, go ahead and bookmark that page right now, why don't ya?)

If you're thinking to yourself, "That is very overwhelming, Well+Good," you're absolutely right. The holidays wouldn't be the holidays if they weren't just a little bit stressful and chaotic. But we're here to help. Throughout the month, we'll be highlighting our favorite, editor-approved picks from the Holiday Beauty Haul, and today we're starting with the best hair care and nail recommendations.

Whether you're buying for yourself or getting a jumpstart on gifting for friends and family, you'll definitely find some deeply discounted gems during this month-long sales event. As Taylor Swift once said, "Are you ready for it?" Keep scrolling for the best hair-care and nail deals Amazon's got to offer.

The best hair-care deals

Oribe The Collector's Set — $168.00

Originally $280, now $168

Whether you’re looking for the perfect hair-care gift, or want to just treat yourself to some luxe bottles and sprays, Oribe comes highly recommended by Well+Good editors, as well as most stylists. Known for its high-quality formulas and dreamy scents, you really just can’t go wrong with anything from the brand.

This set includes its Signature shampoo and conditioner, Superfine hair spray, Supershine moisturizing cream, dry texturizing spray (this shopping editor’s favorite, BTW!), Gold Lust dry shampoo, Royal Blowout heat styling spray, Côte d’Azur Nourishing hand cream, Mystify Restyling spray, Balmessence lip treatment, Côte d’Azur soap, and a hair pony.

Note: Since this is a new set, there are no reviews yet.


Redken Curvaceous Ringlet Shape-Perfecting Lotion for Curly Hair — $15.00

Originally $21, now $14.70

For shine and frizz control, use a few pumps of this hair lotion after showering, and experience gorgeous, in-control strands every time. It’s lightweight, leaves curly hair feeling silky, healthy, and bouncy.

Promising review: “Really makes my hair curly—it’s naturally more wavy to a bit curly [sic] & with this product I have lots of curls. I don’t spend much time on my hair just wash & apply this stuff, scrunch a bit & BAM ready to go. I always get compliments when I use it.”

Klorane Ultra Gentle Dry Shampoo — $17.00

Originally $20, now $17

Dirty hair, don’t care. At least, not with this bottle of dry shampoo that’s formulated to mitigate itchiness and irritation (something that can happen if your scalp has too much build-up from hair-care products). Reviewers say that this stuff can stand up against the oiliest of hair, doesn’t leave any residue, and offers a nice, fresh scent that doesn’t compete with your go-to perfume.

Promising review: “BEST dry shampoo I have ever used!! And I have tried many drugstore and professional brands—none come close to this one. Doesn’t leave a strong scent making it obvious that you used dry shampoo and it leaves your hair feeling like it’s been shampooed!! No gunky weird textures!! It does have a slight pretty soft scent when you first spray it but then it goes away pretty quick. I actually love the scent haha so I don’t mind it at all!! Love love love. Definitely one of the best investments I have ever made. I know it’s expensive but trust me it is WORTH IT.”

Nioxin 3D Styling Hair Thickening Spray with Peppermint Oil — $13.00

Originally $15.30, now $13.01

Castor oil is this spray’s hero ingredient, and it can help boost hair growth (thanks to the ricinoleic acid). It also leaves the hair shinier and healthier, especially if strands are damaged. Paired with peppermint, this potent combo can help revitalize hair. (FYI, peppermint can stimulate hair follicles and rebalance the scalp, Paula Simpson, biochemist, author, and formulation expert, previously told Well+Good.)

Promising review: “The best thickening spray I’ve ever tried. Combined with a little Redken Guts foam volumizer, I have the thickest hair, to date, I can possibly have. Be gentle while drying your hair as it’s a little sticky. Once dry, your hair will have slight hold, but will be fully moveable and feel normal, yet thicker. What is also cool is, in the morning I don’t have horribly greasy hair and can sometimes go a second day without washing!”

IGK Beach Club Bouncy Blowout Cream — $20.00

Originally $29, now $20.30

If you want more voluminous, smoother, and sleeker hair after an at-home blowout, reach for IGK’s Beach Club Bouncy Blowout Cream and apply before you use heating tools. It’s lightweight, and a little goes a long way to protect and enhance.

Promising review:Smells great. And hair feels great and has that bounce and volume I love. Would definitely recommend for people with fine hair. Brings your hair to life!”


The best nail-care deals

OPI ridge filler
OPI Nail Lacquer Treatment — $8.00

Originally $10.50, now $8.40

This lacquer treatment by OPI nourishes and strengthens uneven nails, thanks to its formula, which contains natural silk. Customers who use Ridge Filler after getting acrylics and gel nails removed are astonished by how quickly this lacquer helps smooth and heal dry, brittle nails. Just FYI, it does leave nails a milky white color (since it’s a treatment, not a base coat—although you can technically use it as one).

Promising review: “If you have ridges and want a smooth surface for your polish, this is the stuff. I bought it because I stopped getting SNS on my nails and needed to smooth the damage until it grew out. I tried [four] kinds but this is the best. The damage is gone but I still use this every time because it makes my polish smooth and last longer.”

OPI Plumping Volumizing Top Coat — $10.00

Originally $14, now $9.77

“Plumping” might sound like it belongs on a lip gloss label, but what it means for nails is this: After applying this top coat, your nails get a super high-gloss finish with an extra layer like you’d achieve with a gel manicure. Basically, this bottle helps you fake a gel mani. Not only does it help your nails look salon-worthy, but the formula helps protect from chipping and dullness.

Promising review: “This was the first time I’ve used this product, and haven’t seen it [in] local stores. It goes on like any other top coat, only slightly thicker. True to their claims, the product dries super shiny and stays that way, with a thickness that almost looks like gel nails. My manicure lasted a full week without a single chip. It also comes off with regular nail polish remover and without soaking—just wipe off with a soak cotton ball. Very pleased!”

CND Almond Hydrating Lotion — $32.00

Originally $39.50, now $31.60

One of the best ways to stretch out the lifespan of your manicure? Hand cream. Featuring jojoba oil and vitamin E, CND’s whipped hand lotion leaves hands and cuticles feeling soft and pampered, and the texture is never tacky. This is a big bottle that’ll last you through the winter season and then some.

Promising review: “The bottle is huge!!! But, more important is the fact that this lotion works. I’ve only used it a couple of days and am already seeing a difference. I wash my hands a lot and they are on the dry side naturally. It’s not uncommon for my hands to flake and peel from being so dry. I used other over the counter lotion for years (Lubriderm and Aveeno) with no significant change for the better, even after having to apply several times a day. This lotion, I apply once in the morning and once in the evening and I have significantly softer and non-flakey hands. There must be an element of protection that doesn’t wash off.”


OPI infinite shine
OPI Summer 2021 Malibu Collection, Infinite Shine Long-Lasting Nail Polish — $11.00

Originally $13, now $11.05

Sure, it’s the Summer 2021 Malibu collection, but it’s got some gorgeous colors perfectly suited for fall and winter, like the above (“Cliffside Karaoke,” a rich chocolate brown). Shop other classic colors like “Coastal Sand-tuary,” a milky pink-white, or “PCH Love Song,” a bouncy orange-red you’ll want to wear to that holiday party. All are part of OPI’s Infinite Shine line, which promises longer-lasting application with shine you can spot a mile away.

Promising review: “The top two reasons to buys this—it is ACTUALLY long lasting. I hardly ever paint my nails because of the time it takes to pain and dry to only have them chip usually within the first day. This is the only polish I have used (including other OPI polishes) that stays on for a week or longer with very little noticeable wear. Also, it is actually true chartreuse. I wasn’t sure based on the picture if it would be but it is!”

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