5 Ways Amazon’s Alexa Can Double As Your Fitness and Wellness Coach (Seriously)

"Alexa, help me fall asleep."

As much as I write about unplugging, sometimes—ironically—the best way I can implement the practice into my own life is by introducing more technology.

Sure, it's counterintuitive to unplug with tech, but consider swapping out your iPhone and its blue-light emitting apps for Amazon's Alexa. The personal assistant feature on the Echo device is so jam-packed with useful health and wellness tidbits, that it basically doubles as a live-in coach that feels more IRL than AI.

Here are all the ways Alexa can up your health and wellness game in 2018.

1. Connects to your Fitbit

Syncing the two smart devices means Alexa will interpret your Fitbit stats. Find out whether you're meeting your daily step goals and how well you slept the night before.

2. Does guided meditation

Meditating is such a valuable practice, but it can be tough to find the time to locate classes or women's groups when the need to practice mindfulness arises. Through a number of different features, Alexa can take you through various guided meditations.

3. Practices yoga with you

When it's time to unwind and downward dog, Alexa can coach you through your practice.

4. Takes you through short workouts

Since an effective workout can really take just a minute, sometimes it pays to skip the studio class and let Alexa push you through a sweat sesh.

5. Helps you sleep

You know better than to check your phone when you're trying to fall asleep (right?), but on nights when shut-eye seems evasive, many of us (myself included) end up scrolling away. Stay phone-free, and ask Alexa to help you fall asleep with soothing white noises and soundscapes.

Need more shut eye? Try eating more fish or practicing Erykah Badu's nightly routine.

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