Amazon’s Most-Wanted Winter Jacket Has 16,500+ 5-Star Ratings—And It’s on Super Sale for Prime Day

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Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day has been a shopping-palooza for big-ticket deals, like big-screen TVs and fancy robot vacuums. This fall's Prime Early Access Sale is no different, with a smattering of splurges marked down to more affordable prices. But, in the spirit of #CozySeason, we're turning our attention to Amazon's most-wanted winter jacket, which is on super sale, too. (And way more stylish than the aforementioned robot vacuum.)

orolay jacket
Orolay, Women's Thickened Down Jacket — $90.00

Originally $160, now $90

Sizes available: XXS-5XL

Colors and patterns available: 13

A quick Amazon search for "down jacket" will spit out the Orolay Down Jacket ($90), which boasts more than 16,500 5-star ratings from very happy, very warm customers. Constructed out of a polyester outer layer and down fill, the Orolay jacket is your cold-weather BFF. The fill locks in heat while the polyester layer repels wind, making it an ideal winter coat for brick-cold days. Attached is a fleece-lined hood to keep your head snug when things get windy and six big pockets to store your gloves or hat. Even more, it's stylish thanks to the unique tiered design at the bottom, giving you a smidge of extra protection over leggings or tights on super breezy days.

"This jacket is so warm and comfy. It is like being in a big sleeping bag," raved one Amazon customer. "I work at a school in Maine and on cold, windy winter days, most of my body is warm and cozy, but not sweaty, a problem I have had with other winter coats. It ends at my upper thigh, but with a pair of leg warmers, I am toasty throughout."

Another customer gave it five stars for keeping her toasty in sub-zero temperatures: "I have since worn this jacket in Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago in the dead of winter and I highly recommend it. This jacket kept me warm in all of those locations and honestly, in Denver it was almost TOO warm, as their winters are more mild than the Midwest ice box. In Minneapolis, we had some days in the -10 to -20 range and it still kept my body warm!"

Scroll through the reviews and find blurb after blurb from cold-weather residents singing its praises for keeping the chill out. Equally impressive, customers say the Orolay down jacket rivals name-brand products, minus the expensive price tag. One reviewer dubbed it, "THE best coat" after gifting it to her daughter in New York City. "She had a Canada Goose and made me leave her my coat when I left because it was so much warmer!" she wrote. Another claimed it was more warm than the pricey Moncler and Burberry alternatives they owned, questioning why it's so cheap when it's, "warm, it fits well, and is really well thought out from the pockets to the zips and the hood." At $90 for the Prime Early Access Sale (it's normally $150), it's practically a steal.

Whether you or your loved ones are in need of new winter apparel, Orolay's Down Jacket is just the coat you need in your closet.  Once you receive your package, don't be alarmed if it arrives flat (the package is condensed for shipping purposes). To thicken your coat out, simply pat it and hang it to loosen up the feather fill. Just but it within the next two days before Amazon's second Prime Day comes to an end, or even more likely, before it sells out.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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