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9 Fitness-Fashion #wins for Less Than $50 to Snag From Amazon’s Try-Before-You-Buy Section

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If "Alexa, where can I get cheap workout wear?" has been an FAQ from your lips to your Amazon Echo lately, Prime Wardrobe is about to change your sweat life, forever. Like many of the company's features, like Prime Now, this style-focused offering specializes in the convenience factor—this time by allowing you to try on clothing, shoes, and accessories included in the Wardrobe section of the website before purchasing and adding them to your closet. This means, if you just don't love the way a particular pair of black leggings hugs you, send 'em back, without having the charge ever show up on your statement.

But before you shop the expansive collection of affordable items from covetable brands like Puma, Adidas, and Asics on-site, keep these ground rules of the service in mind: 1. You must order at least three items, but no more than eight for the try-before-you-buy benefits to apply. 2. Starting from the time you place your order, you have exactly seven days to determine whether your frugal finds are keepers. 3. You must send the items back to Amazon without signs of wear, laundering, or damage, with the tags still attached.

So, while taking the duds for a literal test run on the treadmill is a no-go, it's a total win that the charge for the order won't hit your account until after you've decided what to keep. Because following the narrative of a credit-card statement on one of those online-shopping-heavy months can be tougher to follow than a classic Russian novel, #amiright?

Below, shop the top affordable picks from the try-before-you-buy marketplace.

If you're thinking about diving into fitness, these on demand workout options will cost you $40 or less. And BTW, real women spend these dollar amounts on wellness.

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