8 Old-School Tech Products That Will Unplug You From Your Smartphone

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One of the few universal truths of the modern world is that we spend too much time on our phones. Some estimates say that we check them 76 times a day for an average of 145 minutes. That adds up to more than two hours you could spend doing literally anything else, like relearning a childhood hobby, all the while avoiding some unhealthy blue-light side effects.

It's worth noting that we could all stand to unplug from phones, laptops, and screens just a little bit more. But how do you, well, actually make that happen? One idea: By going analog and returning to basics. It's easier than ever since everything that's old is new again (and cool again!), including technology.

Instead of multitasking with your phone—using it to listen to music, take photos, communicate with friends, check the time, and so on—you can try an old-school product for some of those activities. This isn't just a happy trip down memory lane (or your parents' memory lane!), it may actually inject a soothing sense of ritual to parts of your day that you take for granted. Plus it'll save your eyes from unnecessary strain.


You really can live like it's the '90s with a Lisa Frank bedroom and a retro-fab sweatshirt.

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