Why Anthony Bourdain Isn’t Sold on the Impossible Burger

Photo: Instagram/@anthonybourdain
While vegetarians, vegans, and those invested in sustainability across the country are digging the meat-like but plant-based Impossible Burger to get their comfort-food fix (it's now even being sold at White Castle!), there's one person who's not quite ready to hop on the beef-substitute bandwagon yet: Anthony Bourdain.

The chef—who isn't exactly shy about his negative feelings toward those who keep meat off their plates—says he has mixed feelings about the trendy new protein source. On one hand, he gets that it's a healthy alternative for those who need it. But on the other, he really isn't excited about a more plant-based future.

"Look, there are a lot of hungry people in the world. I guess if it's a means of providing must-needed protein to people who need protein to live, I guess I’m all for it," he told Eater. "But, you know, as somebody who spent 30 years as a chef, of course I’m going to be resistant to the notion that there’s any replacement for the texture and musculature and funk of real meat."

Okay, okay, maybe that point is understandable, but it's not just the meat alternative itself that he isn't into. It's also the fact that the veggie burgers are being served at the same level and menu significance as their carnivorous counterparts. "I hate the idea that people are selling this at a premium at hip restaurants," he says. "You know, it doesn’t fill me with joy."

So, Bourdain might not be a fan of the Impossible Burger. But considering it uses 95 percent less land, 74 percent less water, and creates 87 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the real thing—all while serving 20 grams of protein per serving—it's safe to say the celebrity chef better get used to it.

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