The Anthropologie Black Friday Sale Is the Perfect Excuse To Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Holiday Oasis

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One thing about me is I love Anthropologie. They've got everything, even the things you didn't know you wanted. If you're looking for easy dresses you can just throw on—they have those. Candles so beautiful you'll want to keep them around as storage? They've got those, too. Wellness finds like aromatherapy oils and this palo santo set? Yep. Bedding, even? Absolutely. Actually, it's the Anthropologie home section that really has me in its clutches—especially during the holiday season.

From hand painted plates and whimsical coffee mugs to super soft knitted throws, handmade ornaments, and tree accessories, their extensive home catalog is rife with festive and cozy goodies you'll want to fill your home with. Which is why it's best to shop at Anthropologie prepared (to spend a lot of cash), or say, during a Black Friday sale.

Fortunately for us all, Anthropologie's Black Friday Sale is happening right now. Through Sunday, November 27, you can shop the retailer's entire home department for up to 30 percent off, and get an additional 30 percent off all their sale items for more savings. Which means there's no better time to do a little seasonal redecorating. To help assist in your holiday home makeover (and find some A+ holiday gifts along the way), we rounded up the very best cozy and spirited decor you can snag at a discount during the Anthropologie Black Friday sale.

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The best buys from the Anthropologie Black Friday sale

capri blue candle on mantlepiece
Capri Blue, Volcano Gold Jar Candle — $27.00

Originally $38, now $27

The Capri Blue Volcano Candle is an Anthropologie best-seller (it’s also the scent they use in every store) that smells like sugared oranges, limes, and fresh mountain greens. The crisp, fresh scent is one that virtually everybody will love—which also makes it a great holiday gift, hint hint—and the only thing better than the scent is the festive gold foiled vessel it comes in. When lit, the candlelight peaks through the candle’s speckled, sparkly exterior, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

sophie faux fur blankets stacked in different colors on a white background for the anthropologie black friday sale
Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

In a 5-star review (this blanket has over 500 of them on Anthro’s site, by the way), one shopper says this faux fur throw blanket is “the best blanket on the face of the earth,” and we can’t help but agree. In addition to being incredibly soft, the Sophie Blanket is perfectly weighted for warm snuggles on the couch. And when you’re not bundled up in all its cozy glory, the blanket’s luxe texture looks just as good slung over a couch or accent chair.

gingerbread christmas ornaments from anthropologie black friday sale hanging on branches on a dark green background
Gingerbread Ornaments Set of 9 — $31.00

Originally $44, now $31

These gingerbread ornaments are cute enough to eat (though we don’t recommend it). The playful, wool felt ornaments make for a kitschy, yet classic add to your Christmas tree and stocking, an adorable gift topper, or a quirky piece of holiday decor. To really play up the gingerbread motif, checkout the matching gingerbread garland.

festive dish towel from the anthrpologie black friday sale hanging on a clothes line
Holiday Skate Embroidered Dish Towel — $15.00

Originally $22, now $15

Swapping out household accessories like your kitchen dish towels, for more festive alternatives is key for setting the holiday mood—and this embroidered dish towel is as cute as it gets. Dogs in shoes, birds with scarves, and penguins in ice skates? I mean, come on. Coupled with sweet, hand-embroidered holiday messages, this playful dish towel is so adorable, you’ll want to get one as a gift for everyone you know.

red scalloped pillow on a blue background
Matilda Goad & Co., Scalloped Pillow — $55.00

Originally $78, now $55

The playful, ultra-feminine look of the scalloped trim on this Matilda Goad & Co. pillow immediately dresses up your couch or bedding. Something about the deep red color combined with the dotted white motif is giving us “snow day” energy while still being totally timeless. Just one small warning—once you get one you’ll be seriously tempted to collect all of their vintage-inspired patterns.

anecdote hot toddy candle with an apple slice and cinnamon stick next to it
Anecdote Cocktail Candles, Harvest Hot Toddy — $22.00

Originally $32, now $22

If you’re getting tired of pine and pumpkin spice candles, allow us to introduce you to the seasonal candle you’ve been dreaming of—Anecdote’s Harvest Hot Toddy. Inspired by the beloved wintertime cocktail, the Hot Toddy candle smells of spicy warm cinnamon and fresh honeycrisp apples. And yes, it does in fact smell as comforting and delicious as it sounds.

waterfall coupe glass with a gold rim and green tint on a beige background
Waterfall Coupe Glasses Set of 4 — $45.00

Originally $64, now $45

Speaking of cocktails, you’re going to want to serve them up in classy, festive glassware designed for the occasion. These Waterfall Coupe Glasses feature a hand painted gold rim and a subtle gradient tint that gives stirred cocktails and champagne an effortlessly elegant look. According to reviewers, the glasses are on the larger side but we’re definitely not complaining. “I ordered 8 of the coupe glasses and they look absolutely stunning displayed on the shelves above my bar cabinet!” wrote one 5-star reviewer on Anthropologie’s site “I feel like these are versatile glasses and can be used for any drink and any occasion.”

brenn garland strung on a mantlepiece with two pillar candles on top
Brenn Garland — $48.00

Originally $68, now $48

Pine garland. For the holidays? Groundbreaking. No shame to pine, but if you want to experiment with new cozy textures in your holiday decor, this line of handmade garland totally fits the bill. Featuring fuzzy woven poms, soft knitted mushrooms, multicolored tassels and tiny bells, the Brenn Garland has a charming, eclectic look that brings warmth and festive feels to any spot in the house.

12 days of christmas plates from the anthropologie black friday sale all lined up
Emily Maude, Twelve Days of Christmas Dessert Plate — $13.00

Originally $18, now $13

Anthropologie is known to dish out (no pun intended) hit after hit in the tableware department, and their best-selling Twelve Days of Christmas Dessert Plates are all the proof you need. Designed in collaboration with artist and illustrator Emily Maude, these gorgeous dessert plates bring the classic carol to your table, and come in 12 quirky and colorful designs. Collect them all for your holiday tablescape, display them on a shelf as a unified decorative statement, mount them on your wall, or treat someone special to the entire set.

tala muse table lamp on a table
Tala, Muse Portable Table Lamp — $228.00

Originally $325, now $228

Take your classic camping lantern, but make it chic—and you’ve got the Tala Muse Table Lamp. The Muse Lamp is the perfect combination of a romantic, vintage aesthetic with elevated, modern-day touches like a sleek aluminum body and minimalist brass hardware. What’s more, the Muse Lamp projects a warm, ambient glow that epitomizes cozy, camping nostalgia. Plus, the convenient carrying handle means you can carry the cozy vibes with you anywhere in the house.

cozy bobble stocking from anthropologie black friday sale hanging on a green mantle
Cozy Bobble Stocking — $34.00

Originally $48, now $34

To spruce up your stocking situation, check out Anthro’s Cozy Bobble Stocking. Made of a wool blend with a soft cotton lining, the Cozy Bobble Stocking is covered in adorable hand-knitted poms for a fun, textured look. Another plus is that you’ll never have to worry about it clashing with the rest of your home decor, due to its creamy neutral color.

george and liv holiday village with white snow fluff around it
George & Liv, Light Up Holiday Village—Bakery — $27.00

Originally $38, now $27

To really commit to the holiday spirit, why not build a mini Hallmark movie set in your living room? George & Liv’s paper-made holiday village buildings can be set up on a shelf, a mantelpiece, or under your christmas tree for a fun and festive display that you’ll never want to take down. To complete the scene, sprinkle a little “snow” fluff and twinkle lights around this adorable bakery store-front, and collect the other buildings to complete the village.

snow day pillows from the anthropologie black friday sale
Snow Day Pillow — $62.00

Originally $88, now $62

Picture it: a winter wonderland you can cuddle with—that’s what you get with the Snow Day Pillow. The uber soft and squishy pillow comes in three different styles, each with unique embroidery and embellishments that capture a delightful scene on the slopes. According to reviewers, the pillows are larger than you’d think, which can only be a good thing as far as coziness is concerned.

embroidered tree skirt from the anthropologie black friday sale
Embroidered Floral Tree Skirt — $111.00

Originally $158, now $111

This Embroidered Tree Skirt is the answer for folks who want to dress up their Christmas tree without overwhelming it in color. The black and white cotton skirt features friendly little forest dwellers—deer, rabbits, birds, and foxes—and whimsical florals, all beautifully embroidered for that charming, handmade look. The simple, yet spirited skirt makes for a beautiful backdrop for colorfully wrapped gifts, too!

person holding up the georgie cozy knit throw blanket from the anthropologie black friday sale
Georgie Cozy Knitted Throw Blanket — $83.00

Originally $118, now $83

For a blanket that’s as cozy as your favorite cable knit sweater, meet the Georgie Blanket. The plush polyester throw blanket boasts a geometric knit design that varies in width and texture—giving it a one-of-a-kind look you’ll want to keep in your living room all year round. Warm without being too heavy, the Georgie Blanket is surely going to be your cuddle time companion during the colder months.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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