The One Thing You Need to Make Working Outside Glorious and Glare-Free

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To be upfront, we know that the workf-from-home life is a privilege, and this season it comes with a little luxury. After months of cabin fever, some of us can make our backyard (or your stoop, terrace, or fire escape) our home office—and that rocks. Surrounding ourselves with nature is a huge mental health boon, so I welcome this change with open arms. And yet, as you migrate to work outdoors and get blasted by the sun, you might be wondering what's a good anti-glare cover for computer screens.

Friend, you need to find yourself a computer bonnet.

Okay, the technical term is a laptop privacy top hood ($60), and I'm going to stick to the gender neutral term of computer hat, but you get the idea. Much like the phone stand that stole my heart this spring and made FaceTime a dream, the computer hat is one little way to ease a quarantine problem: having versatility when working from home.

The computer hat is three little privacy walls that fits over your laptop, shielding it's delicate little face from the sun's vicious rays. Think about how useful that is when your laptop, already burning TF up from over exhaustion, gets hit with a damning burst of light and heat. Like, will you even be able to type on that smoking hot plastic without a laptop cover?

Laptop Privacy Top Hood, $60

And then there's the whole privacy aspect. Real talk: I live close enough to a park where I actually can work bench side or picnic style. Sounds dreamy, right, like I'll understand if you hate me right now. The thing is, I'm a sex writer, so it can be kinda awk looking at some especially veiny vibrators in a field full of people. Even if your line of work doesn't involve that specifically, sometimes you just don't want strangers or even roommates to see the very NSFW stuff on your screen. A computer hat has you covered there.

But okay, what if you find this particular anti glare cover a little aggressive, a little too bonnet-y? Welp, there's a few things on the market you could look out for. This universal laptop hood ($29) is ultra-light and folds quickly for when you're on the go. If you're looking for the Mac Book equivalent of SPF, an anti-glare privacy screen filter ($24) might be your best bet. And for those looking to throw down and camp out with their laptop, we have the portable sun shade and weather protecting carrying case ($80), with plenty of pocket space and room for your wires. Lux!

Overall, we're all just trying to diversify our WFH life, because it's new territory for a lot of us. Even if you've had long pockets of being a freelancer (raising my hand here!) it's unlikely that we can hole up in the cafés anytime soon, or even work with our friends. If you can, you might as well embrace the great outdoors as you send out your morning emails—and a computer hat is the perfect accessory for that.

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