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This Anti-Inflammatory Powder Actually Makes the Best Golden Milk Latte

Tehrene Firman

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Photo: Well+Good Creative
After eating copious amounts of junk food throughout the long holiday weekend, it's safe to say my gut isn't very happy with me right now. My daily smoothies were quickly swept away by a whirlwind of chips and dip, potato salad, and Beyond Burgers (not to mention heaping piles of french fries). At times, this left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. It happens! And, surprisingly, something as simple as a golden milk latte is what's helping my tummy feel normal again.

The Nue Co., which makes supplements from organic foods, has anti-inflammatory powder loaded with a mix of maqui fruit, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and inulin, which act as anti-inflammatories, natural digestive enzymes, and prebiotics. And just a tiny teaspoon of the powder makes a delicious golden milk latte.

Blending the powder with a milk alternative creates a frothy latte with a warm kick of turmeric and ginger as well as rich notes of cinnamon. While ginger and turmeric are well-known anti-inflammatories, the other ingredients are meant to help settle a roaring stomach, particularly the maqui powder, which comes from a purple tropical fruit native to South America.

"Maqui powder helps the gut lining grow and establish good bacteria and promote overall long-term gut health. It also decreases inflammation," says Maggie Berghoff, MSN, FNP. "In addition, cinnamon provides with important nutrients, like manganese and fiber." Inulin, a prebiotic fiber naturally present in a variety of plants, is also good for gut health and digestion.

"You want to target inflammation from all different areas, fully nourishing the gut lining with a variety of items that will help it to rebalance for longterm gut health," Berghoff says. "Using the combination of anti-inflammatories, enzymes, and prebiotics will ensure you're doing all you can for your body to get the results you're after. You'll be keeping inflammation down while supplying the body with essential vitamins and nutrients, and establishing a colony of good bacteria."

Basically, you better believe all my golden milk lattes will be made using this powerful mix from now on. Preparing a warm and cozy cup is like saying "I love you" to your gut.

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