You Can Snag This Cardiologist-Approved Wearable for $69 Off

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While, yes, Black Friday is the perfect day to buy gifts for everyone on your holiday list, there's no better time to treat yourself, too. (We definitely all deserve it this year, that's for sure.) That goes double when you're shopping in the name of self-care, buying wellness-related items like warm leggings, quarantine cooking tools, and cozy bedding.

Not that you need an excuse from us to buy what you want, but just in case you're looking for something that's doctor-approved, we got you. There's one gadget that we hear all the time from cardiologists that they love. Any guesses? It's an Apple Watch.

Jennifer Haythe, MD, director of cardio-obstetrics and internist at NYPH/Columbia, previously shared with Well+Good that she uses her Apple Watch to monitor her resting heart rate, aka the number of times your heart beats per minute when you’re at rest. “A person in excellent physical condition will have a low resting heart rate—50-70 BPM—and will return to baseline quickly after exercise,” Dr. Haythe says. She adds that it can also be used to signal that something may be off health-wise. “For older people, an excessively low resting heart rate—30-50 BPM—may signify a conduction problem and possibly a need for a pacemaker or a medication adjustment if the person takes medications that may affect heart rate,” she says.

Board-certified cardiac surgeon Brian Lima, MD told Well+Good in the past that he uses his Apple Watch to monitor how many minutes of brisk activity he gets a day, aiming for at least 30 minutes daily. "Completing your ‘exercise’ ring is the most important, because regular exercise is one of the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 Measures You Can Take To Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease,” he says. “By completing the exercise ring, you’re helping maintain not only your cardiovascular health, but also promoting your overall wellbeing, mental sharpness, self-esteem, and other cascading benefits."

Convinced yet? If so, you're in luck because there are some pretty major Apple Watch Black Friday deals going on right now. Below are the three best ones to be aware of:

The best Apple Watch Black Friday deals

apple watch black friday deals
Photo: Amazon

1. Apple Watch Series 6, $330

Amazon is selling the newest 40 mm Apple Watch Series 6 at up to a $69 discount (a 17 percent savings) right now, depending on the color. The red one pictured above is $330; the blue, silver, and space grey colors are $379 (still less than the original price of $400). It has all the bells and whistles that make it a heart-healthy win, like a blood oxygen level sensor, heart rate monitor, and activity ring.

Shop now: Apple Watch Series 6, $330

apple watch se
Photo: Amazon

2. Apple Watch SE, $289

Besides the Series 6, Amazon is also offering a Black Friday deal on the 44 mm SE (Apple's new, more affordable Apple Watch model). You can nab it for $289 (down from $300). This watch contains most of the same features as the Series 6 (except for the blood oxygen sensor), and despite having an older chip from the Series 5, is still super fast and lightweight. It also has an elevation tracker, so if you're into hiking, this model may be right up your alley.

Buy it now: Apple Watch SE, $289

apple watch series 3
Photo: Best Buy

3. Apple Watch Series 3, $179

If the Series 6 or SE are still a little out of your budget even with the deal—or you honestly don't need all the extra features either one comes with—go for the Series 3, which is on sale at Best Buy for $179, down from $200. Although it is an older model, it still has all the cardiologist-approved favorite features and is over $100 cheaper.

Buy it now: Apple Watch Series 3, $179

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