Your Plants Deserve a Wellness Routine, Too—Here’s the One No Gardener Should Go Without

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Humans are in no short supply of wellness accessories to create a well-rounded routine. Whatever our goals may be—mindfulness, better sleep, general self care—we have the tools in our toolbox to take care of ourselves. Our furry friends do, too, thanks to a deluge of pet wellness products eerily similar to those of our own.

So it's only time our plant babies got a wellness routine of their own, too. Something to nourish them from the inside out, protect their precious fronds from pests, and help them to not just grow, but flourish. Something like Arber, the trendy plant wellness company that gives our houseplants and flowers the TLC they deserve. Like a 12-step skin care routine or a daily dietary supplement, Arber's wellness kits take a holistic approach to helping your indoor and outdoor plants thrive and become their biggest, most beautiful selves.

Arber, Indoor Kit — $84.00

Also available in an Outdoor Kit ($84) which swaps the Plant Food for the Bio Protectant.

Arber's philosophy stems (lol) from our own wellness trends, like cleaner beauty and homeopathic supplements. Like us, our plants don't necessarily like chemicals and harsh synthetics. Rather than using harmful chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients, Arber's products are all sourced from "biologicals," which is a science-y term for plant protection products derived from the natural world. Unlike synthetics, biologicals work with the plant's innate microbiome (sound familiar?), to fortify them from things like pests, diseases, and pollution. This makes Arber better for your flowery friends, as well as you, your pets, and even bugs, too, detracting creepy crawlies from pestering your plants but not killing them in the process.

Currently, the Arber garden is comprised of four keystone products: a protectant, fungicide, insecticide, and plant food. And, after testing the products, they're not too far off from the self-care supplies we use in our own daily lives. The most obvious is the Plant Food ($24), a nutritious, protein-packed supplement formulated to help them grow big and strong. It's the liquid compost version of a protein shake, designed to "improve your plant’s uptake of essential nutrients, strengthening [them] from root to shoot." Yum.

Then, there's the plant's supplement, aka, the Bio Protectant ($24). Poured into a forest green bottle, it's the closest thing you'll find to a vitamin C tablet, made to boost your plant's immunity from diseases. It can be used "internally" (soaked into the soil) or "topically" (sprayed over the leaves and stems for visible signs of damage).

Finally is Arber's version of  "skin care": a Bio Insecticide ($24) and Bio Fungicide ($24), both of which harness non-toxic naturals to fend off unwanted visitors. They're both safe enough to be used indoors and out, even vegetables, fruits, nuts, and edible flowers. Kinda reminds you of the bug sprays and sunscreens you relied on this summer, doesn't it?

All of this comes in seriously cute packaging you won't want to hide away in your garage or garden shed. Each product comes in an earthy shade that looks more fashion than fertilizer. Buy a kit, and you'll get a handy spray bottle and steel measuring cup, too, both of which are aesthetic enough to leave out in your living room's indoor jungle for easy access. There are no ugly, commercial-sized bleach bottles or hefty plastic bags—it's modern and minimalist, the way we like it.

If you've ever felt like your plant babies are seemingly green with envy as you parade around them with your nightly face mask and mug of wellness tea, it's because they probably are. Treat them to a wellness routine of their own and watch them thrive.

Holistic Kit — $99.00

This starter kit contains all four bio-concentrates so your plants can hit the ground running. It also comes with a spray bottle and measuring cup, making self-care day that more simple.

Plant Food — $24.00

The snack that’ll keep them coming back. Plant Food is made from recycled supermarket waste and is packed with all sorts of goodness (nitrogen! phosphates! fatty acids!) that houseplants, garden veggies, and flowers will slurp up. Nom nom nom.

Bio Protectant — $24.00

While we’ve got cold and flu season to reckon with, your plants have things like root rot and fungus to fend off. The Bio Protectant is your green juice that’s designed to boost your plant’s immunity, stimulating growth and strengthening it from any diseases.

Bio Fungicide — $24.00

Like your skin, plants and flowers have “good” bacteria that helps maintain their microbiome to stave off things like mold and mildew. That’s exactly what the Bio Fungicide is made out of, and it’ll keep leaves and roots blemish free.

Bio Insecticide — $24.00

Currently sold out individually.

Gnats, aphids, and other creepy crawlies are no match for this powerful pesticide. Best part is, it’s as safe for the good guys (hello, pollinators) and you, too.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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