Here’s the Nutritional Scoop on Costco’s $5 Acai Bowls

Photo: Instagram/@chelseaeatshawaii

Costco is becoming the place to get wellness faves—including Reformers and row machines—and the latest healthy staple you'll now find at the mega store is a summertime all-star: acai bowls. The snack is now on the menu next to their smoothies, yogurt, and cold-brew mocha freeze. Oh, and it's a very reasonable $4.99.

But what are you really getting for your crisp Lincoln? Can you feel good about all the ingredients, or is the cup brimming with hidden sugar and additives? The goods news is, these acai bowls are made with fresh blueberries and strawberries, which is great for an antioxidant boost. But one serving packs 30 grams of sugar—more than 7 teaspoons. Unfortunately, the full ingredients list isn't available, so it's not exactly clear how much of the sugar comes from the fruit and how much is added.

A healthier way to get your acai fix is to head down to Costco's frozen fruit aisle and pick up the Sambazon acai smoothie pack to enjoy at home. Like the ready-to-eat one, it's made with fresh fruit, but has half the sugar. Just like Starbucks, it seems going off the menu is key to getting the goods with the maximum nutritional benefits.

Or, you can make this dreamy ocean bowl at home. And this fruit pyramid can help you see how much sugar is in different fruit options.

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